What Are Your Options to Free up Macbook’s Drive Space?

by Perfect Tech Reviewer

Macbooks are a solid choice for people who are looking for a new computer: a sleek design, neat features, plenty of great applications, and solid performance.

However, despite all its advantages, a Macbook has some downsides as well. It is worth noting that you may encounter issues with the available storage space. Having only a few free gigabytes of total storage left will spell trouble for the computer’s speed.

Nevertheless, this one negativity should not be enough to prevent you from purchasing a Macbook. There are plenty of ways to solve the computer’s drive storage problem and clean it up.

Method #1 – Get in the Habit of Removing Files Permanently

Start with memorizing ways to delete files from the Macbook permanently. Do not expect that dragging shortcuts in the Trash Bin is enough. No, if you want to remove a file, you also need to click on the “Empty the Trash” button every time. Or, as an alternative, enable the feature that deletes Trash Bin files automatically in 30 days.

If you do not want to bother with the Trash Bin, stick to the Option + Command + Delete keyboard shortcut. Select a file, hit the sequence, and confirm the pop-up to remove the file from the computer permanently.

Method #2 – Scan for Potential Malware

Scan for Potential Malware

Less storage each time you look at the drive could mean that there is malware on the computer. There are different types of malware, and it should not come as a surprise that some eat the drive’s space. You would not locate it without proper tools.

Get reliable antivirus and scan the disk. The goal is to check every file and confirm that there are no potential threats. If a scan reveals corrupted files, do not hesitate and get rid of them right away. Also, to avoid malware attacks in the future, make sure that your antivirus software is running in the Macbook’s background all the time.

Method #3 – Discard Old Applications

You may think that applications are not the biggest issue when it comes to a lack of computer disk space. By themselves, apps do not require that much space. Nevertheless, removing the ones you do not need should still be one of the priorities. After all, your goal is to free up disk space.

Besides, it is not just the apps themselves that need the computer’s storage. Some applications come with support files for multiple languages, not to mention temporary junk, like extensions, plugins, and even backups. Thus, removing an app may create more free space than you expect.

Method #4 – Keep Tabs on Email Attachments and Downloads

Downloads and email attachments are not necessarily something that people consider. Folders for both file types can accumulate data faster than you expect, however.

It is recommended to keep tabs on both email attachments and download folders, and regularly remove their contents. At the same time, you could make the Macbook’s desktop the default directory for both downloads and email attachments. Doing so would allow you to see and delete files that have no use.

Method #5 – Transfer Data to External Storage

Transfer Data to External Storage

External hard drives and memory sticks are pretty cheap. You can get an even better deal if you wait for the holiday season when products go on sale.

In addition to external storage devices, you could also use cloud services. Dropbox and iCloud offer a few gigabytes of free space. You can access files from multiple devices so long as you have an internet connection and the cloud account is synced with the device.

Those few gigabytes of free storage may not be enough. If so, you can subscribe to a monthly plan for additional space. It may cost, but there is hardly a safer location for keeping one’s data.

Method #6 – Subscribe to Streaming Sites

Large media files could be one of the primary reasons why your Macbook lacks storage space. Movies, TV shows, and hundreds of music tracks. All of your favorites that you want to keep.

It may be difficult to part with your media, but you should access most of it on streaming platforms. Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu are just a few examples of streaming services that provide viewers and listeners with hours of entertainment. And new streaming platforms are emerging every year.

Not only will you free up the Macbook’s drive space, but you will also get to enjoy the convenience of consuming media on streaming sites when it takes only a few clicks to access movies, TV shows, or music.

Method #7 – Reinstall the Operating System

Reinstall the Operating System

Reinstalling the operating system may seem like too much just for the sake of freeing up a computer’s drive space. However, if other methods do not bring you desirable results, you may not have any other options left.

Ask someone for help if you have never reinstalled OS yourself. Or, at the very least, make sure to follow an in-depth, step-by-step guide since the process is quite complicated. Finally, make sure to create data backups for files you want to keep.

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