Micro ATX vs Mini ITX – Which To Pick?


The motherboard is the base of a computer. Especially when you are building a gaming computer Because it will determine which hardware you can use. While there are only a few sizes and Formats are available but the most popular are Micro ATX vs Mini ITX. However, it is very difficult to choose between these two. That is why today we are sharing our experience and comparison with you to learn which one Is better for your next PC. We will share our recommendation to help you pick the best for you, At the end of this article.

We compare motherboards in four different ways Depending on the requirements. Size, price, PCIe slots and Ram slots.


Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Size
Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Size

The gaming computer can get very crowded. That’s why you have to save space as much as you can. When we talk about micro ATX it measures MM is 244 x 244 or 9.6 x 9.6 inches. On the other side Mini ITX, it measures MM is 170 x 170 or 6.7 x 6.7 inches. When we compare motherboards as Mini ITX vs Micro ATX on size Mini ITX Is the winner because it is smaller in size.

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If your only requirement to choose the most compact motherboard then you can choose micro ITX, But at the same time, you have to understand that it will limit Hardware integration ports and slots to provide you small size. You will understand its limitations in the rest of the comparison.


Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Price
Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Price

Of course, when it comes to price, You also have to take into account the budget. Because the Mini ITX is smaller in size so the general perception might be that it will be more affordable. But you are totally wrong here.

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The micro ATX motherboards are more affordable because they are in high demand And that’s why companies have been able to drive down the price and Scale-up the volume, You have to ensure that the quality of components Is up to the mark when choosing micro ATX.

PCIe Slots

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX PCIe Slots
Micro ATX vs Mini ITX PCIe Slots

The opposition is even more hard in micro ATX versus Mini ITX, The micro ATX motherboards have four PCIe slots. But the Mini ITX motherboards have only one PCIe slot. The PCIe slots are for integrating Graphics Cards and other Hardware like Sound Cards And Internal Modems.

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There is another factor which goes against Mini ITX motherboard is that the PCIe slot is placed at the edge of the motherboard, That’s why you might not be able to install a heavy-duty graphic card. You have to keep this in mind, that it is better to go with micro ATX motherboards because they have more PCIe slots.

Ram Slots

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Ram Slots
Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Ram Slots

When you are building a gaming PC, Ram slots are as many as you can get. Because if you want to upgrade your PC or you want to expand the Ram You can do it easily. The micro ATX Motherboards can supports up to 4 Ram slots. On the other side, Mini ITX motherboards Can support two Ram slots and can allow up to 16 GB each. That’s why in the future if you need Ram more then 32GB, You will have not the option to expand the RAM. So it is one of the most reasons why you should not think about size but also about Slots

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The modern-day games mostly require only 16GB Ram. That’s why you have some freedom As well. If you are planning to use this CPU for a long time. Then, You might outgrow Ram slots in mini ITX. That’s why you have to decide that 16GB Ram slots are enough or you go with The maximum number of Ram slots in the motherboard. You can take your pick on depending on your needs.

Which to Pick?

The choice between micro ATX and mini ITX, it all depends on the PC which you are building. You have to be clear on this, which one is the right Motherboard. We will recommend You on this below. We made these three categories by PC use, Desktop PC, Gaming PC, and Workstation.

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Desktop PC

Motherboard for Desktop Computer
Motherboard for Desktop Computer

If you are building a PC for browsing, office use And watching movies, then micro ATX Is a good option. That is because you can comfortably fit a big size motherboard. Additionally, it is also affordable. Even if you are buying a pre-build CPU as your desktop, It is most likely it has a micro ATX motherboard, because of the cost factor. Only when you are building it by yourself you can go with Mini ITX because it is smaller in size.

Gaming PC

Motherboard for Gaming Computer
Motherboard for Gaming Computer

If you want to build a gaming PC, Then the micro ATX motherboard is just the perfect option for you. It will give you more Ram slots. and it also supports the dual GPU setup, After adding dual GPU setup there will be empty slots for expansion. You can upgrade your PC whenever you can.

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But if you are short on space, then Mini ITX is the only good option. You have to keep in mind that if you are going with the Mini ITX motherboard then the size of the Graphic Card should also be small. Also, it will through the airflow towards the graphic card, You have to keep this in mind when you are selecting the Cooling System. That’s why when it comes to Gaming PC the micro ATX motherboard is the best option.


Motherboard for WorkStation
Motherboard for WorkStation

For workstation PC build you can go with the mini ITX because you will not need high Ram and extra PCIe slots for Graphic Cards. That’s why when building a workstation PC you can go with the mini ITX if you are short on space.


Is Mini ITX good for gaming?

The Modern-day Games are most likely need 16GB Ram and mini ITX allows two Ram slots up to 16GB each. But mini ITX motherboard has only One PCI slot at the edge of the motherboard, So you might not be able to install a heavy-duty Graphic Card.

Is micro ATX bigger than mini ITX?

The Micro ATX Motherboard Measures MM are 244 x 244, On the other hand, Mini ITX Measures MM are 170 x 170. So when we compare Micro ATX vs Mini ITX by size, The micro ATX is bigger than The Mini ITX.

Is micro ATX the same as Mini ITX?

We compared both motherboards in four different types depending on Size, Price, PCIe slots and Ram slots.
Size: The micro ATX is 244 x 244 MM and The Mini ITX is 170 x 170.
Price: Micro ATX is cheaper than the Mini ITX because micro ATX has a high demand so companies drive down the price and scale up the volume.
PCIe Slots: The micro ATX comes with up to 4 PCI slots and on the other hand the Mini ITX comes only with One PCIe slot.
Ram Slots: Micro ATX comes with 4 Ram slots and mini ITX comes with Two Ram slots.

we hope this post clarified You on the final motherboard which you want to use in your next PC, It always depends on the type of PC that you are building. If you like our post then keep visiting for more info and tips on the computer and other techs.

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