Zadak is known for its out of this world stylish PC hardware components mainly designed for noir/dark builds. It has a good reputation in DDR4 RAM/Memory lineup. As ZADAK is a main contractor of PC fanatic components, presents the MOAB II ELITE, the cutting edge. minimal water-cooled PC case into their developing line of items. The MOAB II ELITE is a minimalistic/compact case (311 mm x 193 mm x 371 mm), worked around the patent CNC-processed aluminum water supply plate. The water supply plate is carefully structured and fabricated with worked in water channels to decrease unessential tubing for clean arrangements. The MOAB II ELITE is presently good with GPUs of up to 280 mm long and most m-ATX motherboards.

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The MOAB II ELITE additionally includes the protected CNC-processed aluminum water supply plate, that takes out unessential pipes. The unit itself is covered up in the focal point of the case. While this makes a smaller system, it likewise lessens the danger of spilling and breaking. Also, the case integrates a 240 mm radiator associated with the water supply plate, which is intentionally positioned on the rear side of case. The MOAB II Elite PC case includes a flexible CPU water block and a shift able water block. The CPU water block offers a custom flexible ARGB CPU water block, and the shift able square together permits this case to be good with a greater part of gaming motherboards. This incredible water block, in blend with the supply plate, empowers this case to keep cools down the hottest of the CPUs.

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While keeping up its minimized size, the MOAB II ELITE has refreshed the interfacing outlet to the CPU water block, permitting it to change on a level plane and vertically making it perfect with most m-ATX motherboards. Likewise, The MOAB II ELITE is presently good with any graphic cards of up to 280mm long, and handily opened on the case.

Moab II Elite Water Cooled PC Case Specs and configuration

M-ATX Recommended MainboardIntel
ASRock Z490M Pro4
Supported CPUIntel 115x ,1200 Socket, AMD AM4 series Desktop Processors 
Supported MotherboardMicro ATX
Water block materialCopper, Aluminum 
Water block dimension88 x 88 x 20  (L x W x H mm)
Radiator materialAluminum
Radiator dimension276 x 120 x 30 (L x W x H mm)
Pump noise≤30 dBa
Pump rated voltage12V (DC)
Pump rated current0.5A
Product dimension311 x 193 x 371 (L   x W x H mm)
Packing dimension472 x 347 x 639 (L   x W x H mm)
Net weight7.3 kg
Gross weight11 kg
Warranty1 year

Other Unique Features of Moab II Elite Water Cooled PC Case

Other striking new feature is the world’s first capacitive touch switch for turning on/off, an advanced presentation giving ongoing water temperature estimations, and adaptable ARGB complement lighting around its bottom and shrouds. The MOAB II ELITE featuring the world’s one and only capacitive touch power switch. This unique savvy configuration works the on/off capacity when we slide out finger over the capacitive strip, an exhibition of ZADAK’s PC innovation

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The Zadak MOAB II ELITE is ready with a digital display for continuous water temperature estimations. Users will have an exact reading of their PC water cooling temperature levels to be aware of overheating. Likewise included is the water level pointer, which is found on the case. This extra component shows the water cooling levels so user will know when they have to make vital changes.

The MOAB II ELITE comes with a PCI-e riser configuration, to keep the GPU mounted straight right to face to its glory position and stand out the most. It is consisting of a PCI-e riser cable, GPU mount and the perpendicular grill to house all the I/O plate of the GPU.

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