Does Noctua NH-D15 Come With Thermal Paste?

by sohaib Arif

Any product may be recognised because of its various elements. One of these elements could be the color scheme that sticks in your mind. Another element might be the material or the build quality. There are many reasons Noctua is usually the first brand that comes to mind for premium performance air-cooling solutions.

A Noctua tower stands out from its competitors because its distinct color scheme and its ability to provide ultra-quiet cooling make it the most desirable. Noctua has earned much respect in the enthusiast market as one of the best and most advanced CPU coolers.

Every part of the motherboard, from fans to anti-vibration pads to heat pipes to fin arrays, has been made, black-including the mounting parts. A high standard of fitting and finishing is expected from Noctua, and all the parts of the cooler are finished in a similar black, making it seem like one large piece.

Does Noctua NH-D15 Come With Thermal Paste

Additionally, it has a matte finish rather than a glossy one, which provides a trendy aesthetic. It also doesn’t have gaudy LED lights. While chromax black’s color scheme is more widely compatible with other devices, it still shares plenty of features with the regular NH-D15. Noctua’s products come with a six-year warranty.

A pair of black NF-A15 PWM fans, a dual-tower design with aluminium fin stacks, and a half dozen copper heat pipes make up this top-of-the-line motherboard. X-splitter cables and Noctua’s NT-H1 thermal compound are included, along with a six-year warranty. Low-noise adapters are always included as part of the bundles.

Noctua’s accessories included in the package

Yes, Noctua provides thermal paste in its accessories package.

  • Cooler + two fans
  • Backplate
  • Thermal Paste
  • User’s Guide
  • Extended Phillips screwdriver
  • AMD/Intel SecuFirm mounting kits
  • Hardware, screws, screwdriver, and everything else you need
  • A voltage regulator cable is required for low RPM fans (max1200) if the mobo or fan controller does not support the PWM control.

Thermal paste: the ultimate guide

Computing tasks that are computationally intensive generate a lot of heat in today’s CPUs. You will have a major impact on the performance and lifespan of your PC based on how you manage that heat. It’s still beneficial to have an efficient heat management approach, even if you’re just browsing the web casually.

Noctua’s accessories included in the package

Heat management is critical when your processor is powerful, and you expect to put it to the test. A thermally conductive substance commonly sold in liquid form. This thermal paste is used between a cooling device and its CPU. Through its connection, it does not separate the cooling system and the processor, allowing the cooler to dissipate heat.

Thermal paste is, however, not the same as other compounds. There are considerable differences in how long they last, how they perform, how they are installed, and how much they cost. For instance, Intel CPUs have historically come with thermal paste designed to last an extremely long time.

This thermal paste cannot dissipate heat as well as an aftermarket thermal paste. For the better part of a decade, it will keep a moderately powerful CPU fairly cool. Due to its longevity-based design, PC users will never have to worry about thermal paste again.

In addition, you’re likely to get significantly higher temperatures than with almost any other paste. In some cases, longevity should be anyone’s top priority, while in others, it should not. A poorly chosen thermal paste can hamper the performance of your system’s expensive hardware.

You might experience higher temperatures if you have particularly powerful hardware. A thermal paste that dissipates heat exceptionally well. However, typically only lasts a few years before it loses its effectiveness and needs to be reapplied. After re-application, it will be easy to control heat.

What type of thermal paste comes with Noctua NH-D15?

What type of thermal paste comes with Noctua NH-D15

Noctua is a name familiar to anyone who knows PC cooling. Fans from their company are universally considered some of the finest available. The quality of the thermal pastes they produce is excellent as well. In order to achieve its unique stability, Noctua uses a special mixture of particles called the NT-H1.

Furthermore, the NT-H1 offers thermal performance that rivals the world’s most advanced liquid metal pastes despite its low price.

Advantages of NT-D15

  • There is no electrical conductivity in Noctua’s paste mixture.
  • It is also corrosion resistant, so it can be used in copper and aluminium coolers.
  • There is 1.4ml of paste in each tube of NT-H1, enough to do over a dozen applications of the paste.
  • According to Noctua, the tube should be disposed of after two years.
  • If you keep your system at 90 C, the NT-H1 should last three years.

Installation feasibility of NT-H1

NT-H1 is easy to apply to Noctua’s paste applicator. Using the pea-method and taking advantage of its generous spread makes it simple. Unlike most pastes, it is neither slimy nor hard, making the application easy. If you’re a beginner, however, this could backfire because you could spray too much and damage your motherboard.

Qualities of thermal paste

Quantity of paste

If you are only using thermal paste for one or two processors, you would not need to worry about its availability. There is enough thermal paste in nearly every tube of thermal paste on the market to install a CPU. Amount of paste provided with a purchase is important to consider if you plan to do more than one humble installation. There are manufacturers who provide enough paste to do a dozen installations at a time.

Ease and viscosity of installation

Aside from different levels of electrical conductivity, some pastes are easier to apply. No matter how experienced you are as a builder, you still need to know how viscous a paste is before you apply it. Viscosity plays a key role in preventing you from getting the wrong amount of paste out.

A thick paste requires a different application technique than a thinner paste and vice versa. It is generally more difficult to apply thicker pastes. As long as you choose a paste that’s appropriate for your application method, you can prepare for installation by considering the paste’s viscosity.

Price factor

You shouldn’t cut corners on thermal paste when you’ve already spent hundreds on a processor. Over-clockers should know the paste they choose will drastically affect their machine’s performance. However, thermal paste need not be an expensive investment. Many high-quality pastes are available for less than $20.


Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste compounds perform nearly as well as top-of-the-line products. NT-H1 is an excellent thermal paste alternative if you want to save money and not suffer any performance penalties. Noctua suggests replacing the paste after three years for better results.

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