How Much Does Gamestop Charge To Fix A PS4?

by Soahib Arif

Every once in a while, something goes wrong with our trusty old PlayStation 4s. Whether it’s the blue light of death or just a broken game, it’s essential to know how much it’ll cost to fix.

Gamestop is one of the most common destinations for PS4 repairs, but what do they charge? in this blog post, we’ll look at how much Gamestop charges for some common PS4 maintenance and some tips for reducing repair costs altogether.

What Is Gamestop?

GameStop is a leading American video game and entertainment software retailer with more than 2,000 stores across the United States. The company offers various gaming devices and games at its retail locations and online store.

How Much Does Gamestop Charge To Fix A PS4?

Also, you can trade in your old gaming device for credit toward a new one at GameStop. Established in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1994 by four friends who pooled their money to open a small video game store.

The store was successful, and the company began to expand rapidly. Today, GameStop has over 2,000 stores across the United States and employs more than 30,000 people.

Does It Cost A Lot To Fix A PS4 At Gamestop?

The cost of repairs at Gamestop varies depending on the problem with your PS4.

Here are some common repair costs:

Blue light of death: $75

Broken disc drive: $100-$150

HDMI port replacement: $120

Hard drive replacement: $150

Gamestop offers a variety of common repairs. Check the Gamestop website for a full-price list or call a store near you.

Can A Broken PS4 Be Fixed?

Can A Broken PS4 Be Fixed?

Yes, most broken PS4s can be fixed. However, some problems, such as the blue light of death, may be beyond repair. If your PS4 is having trouble turning on or won’t display a picture, you should take it to Gamestop for a diagnosis. The staff will be able to tell you whether or not your PS4 can be fixed and how much it will cost.

How Can I Avoid Repair Costs?

To avoid repair costs, follow these steps:

Use A Surge Protector:

A power surge can damage your PS4, so it’s important to use a surge protector. It will help protect your PS4 from damage caused by sudden power surges.

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Avoid Dust And Liquids:

Dust and liquids can damage the internal components of your PS4. Keep your PS4 clean and dry to avoid costly repairs.

Handle Discs Carefully:

Damaged discs can cause problems with your PS4’s disc drive. Be careful when handling discs, and don’t put them upside down.

How Can I Avoid Ps4 Repair Costs?

You should be able to avoid costly repairs if you follow these tips. For more information on how to care for your PS4, visit the PlayStation website or consult your owner’s manual.

Does GameStop Sell PS4s?

Yes, Gamestop sells PS4s. You can purchase a new PS4 from Gamestop or trade in your old PS4 for a discounted price on a new one. Gamestop offers various bundle deals, including games, controllers, and other accessories. For more information, visit the Gamestop website or call a store near you.


Gamestop is a great place to go for PS4 repairs. Repair costs vary depending on the problem, but most common problems can be fixed for around $100-$150. You can avoid repair costs by using a surge protector, avoiding dust and liquids, and carefully handling discs. Gamestop also sells new PS4s and offers various bundle deals. This article will hopefully have helped you decide on whether or not to take your PS4 to Gamestop for repairs.

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