How Long Does A Microsoft Surface Last?

by Sohaib Arif

Are you searching for the best window hardware on the market? Worry not. Microsoft Surface computers have already dominated the global tech market with their fantastic series of laptops. Microsoft’s Surface series, which is most known for its unique tablet-like features, has grown immensely.

You can find a whole range of PCs, from conventional laptops to massive desktops. All their laptop range appear elegant and feel luxurious, but can these laptops offer more than just looks? People expect these laptops to be long-lasting and durable because of some extra money.

Today, it is difficult to find a PC manufacturer that does not mimic the Surface’s kickstand-equipped, detachable-keyboard-rocking layout. It is also challenging to find a better Windows experience than the Surface. The dilemma comes from so many options when it comes to high-end computers.

How Long Does A Microsoft Surface Last

How do you know which one is right for you? We looked through the possibilities and determined which surface version is ideal for everyone. Microsoft Surface has a wide range of computers with different specifications. Various qualities of laptops make it easy for buyers to decide which Microsoft surface will last long.

Microsoft Surfaces, how long do they last?

Microsoft Surfaces should last at least five years and possibly more than ten years if properly maintained. Microsoft Surface computers have a 15-hour long battery life under normal conditions. Battery life may decrease because of various factors that can affect the longevity of the Microsoft surface.

While determining how long Microsoft Surfaces will last? You should consider two factors that are battery life and typical longevity. Two of these elements influence how long a laptop lasts and differ depending on the Microsoft Surface model. Anyhow, Microsoft surface laptops are most demanding these days.

Two main factors affecting Microsoft Surface longevity

Microsoft Surface

The average life span of any electronic device depends upon the battery life and other hardware and software components.

Average Life Span

Surface Notebooks and Surface Pro laptops have almost the same lifespan. Whereas the Surface Book can withstand 3 to 5 years as well. Several Microsoft device users’ feedback shows the average lifespan of laptops is up to five years.

Since some consumers are satisfied with their Surface Book’s battery life and stable performance beyond the 2-year mark, few are not. Numerous users have reported troubles with their charging issues after a year of use, storage memory issues, and challenging drive issues, are also reported.

Although these laptops have excellent battery life, they must address more critical flaws to be considered among the finest in the market. However, it still considers the Microsoft surface laptop to have a better average lifespan than other laptops in this category.

Battery Life

The battery capacity of the Microsoft Surface Book ranges from 5 to 7 hours after a single full recharge. A Surface Book’s average battery life is 7 hours when used typically. However, if the laptop is used to perform some demanding apps, the average battery time is 5 hours.

battery capacity of the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Book has a longer battery life than Microsoft Surface Laptops. If you compare the Surface Book 3 to the Surface Laptop 2, the earlier is used for up to 17 hours while the latter is only used for 14 hours. Different surface books and laptops have comparable battery times.

Multiple users on the internet have discussed which variants of Microsoft Books, Surface laptops, and Surface Pro are best in terms of durability and efficiency. Most users have indicated that the Microsoft Surface Book is superior in terms of battery life and efficiency.

Do Microsoft Surface laptops last long, or other laptops are better?

The lifespan of Microsoft Surface laptops would undoubtedly vary from that of other brands. It is true, especially in cases when considering how consumers you treat your laptops. Handling and maintaining laptops is very important; without care, everything expires soon.

Microsoft Surface computers last more than laptops from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, and other brands. All have a 3- to 5-year average lifespan. At the same time, Microsoft laptops last an average of 4 to 5 years or more. Other laptop brands, like Apple and MSI, outlast Microsoft machines in terms of durability.

A further consideration is that the longevity of Microsoft Surface devices might not be comparable to other laptop brands, which impacts a lifetime. The same approach is extended to battery performance, style, and hardware, which all contribute to the durability of a laptop.

Do Microsoft surface laptops last long

You can divide these comparisons between two categories to simplify the process: battery life and longevity. Microsoft Surface laptops have an average lifespan and longevity of 14 hours maximum. Whereas Apple has 12hrs, HP 10 hrs, Dell 6-10hrs, and Lenovo computers offer 6 hrs of battery timing.

How to Extend the Life of Microsoft Surfaces

To extend the life of your Microsoft Surface, clean the touchscreen properly. Cover the laptop when you are not working and clean the keyboard often. Users generally prefer their Microsoft Surfaces to live longer than usual. They must be constant in keeping the cleanliness of the laptops while using suitable cleaning procedures.

You are caring for the laptop’s battery life and looking for the laptop’s power cable. The best way to clean your Surface laptops is with a gentle microfiber cloth soaked with a tiny quantity of water and mild soap. According to Microsoft’s official website for general cleaning, you can also use screen wipes.

 How to Extend the Life of Microsoft Surfaces

This regular cleaning should be done every 3 to 6 months or as needed. Surface laptops have a pre-coated screen to enable cleaning easy for customers. You do not need to use force to remove spots on the panel. All you would do is clean the screen with a dry, lint-free, and soft cloth.

When not in use, make sure the Surface laptop is protected. Limit exposure of the Surface laptop to UV light by keeping it away from the sunlight. Rechargeable batteries will degrade with exposure to sunlight. You can do a few things to help your Surface laptop’s battery last longer.

When charging the laptop, it runs out of power to less than half its capacity. Do this at least once a week. Do not leave your Surface laptop plugged in all the time. Keep your laptop in a cool, dry place when not in use. Hence, you can make Microsoft Surface long-lasting by taking proper care of the laptop.


We can conclude that a Surface Pro may last several years if properly cared for and maintained. They run on the most recent Intel processors and the most recent version of Windows. Microsoft promises that the Surface Laptop 4 AMD-equipped 13.5 may last up to 19 hrs on a single charge. All these features make a Microsoft surface worth buying device.

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