How to Find a Lost Phone Online

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Tracking a lost phone can be a challenging task. On Average, thousands of people lost their smartphones in a single day. Hence, it becomes crucial to find an effective solution that provides security from losing your smartphone again.

Two methods can help you find a lost phone. Additionally, you can do some preparation to locate your phone in case you lose it in the coming future. This article covers both the methods and discusses all the options have to get back your lost phone. Using a phone tracker is an effective solution to find a lost phone online.

However, a phone monitoring application is way more powerful in making your phone accessible from anywhere. Read more about the best android monitoring app to find out.

What is Phone Tracking?

What is Phone Tracking

Phone tracking is a method to track the location of a device remotely. It helps in locating your phone when you lose it somewhere. Another possible explanation for phone tracking is monitoring the phone’s activities remotely.

However, this process is not limited to location tracking and allows you to monitor every activity of that device. The most preferred way to track a phone is by setting up a location tracker on the device. This feature is offered by the OS service providers and can be used on any device. The other method involves using an online platform to do it.

So, let’s start and discuss the first method to do it.

Note: Check out Minspy’s website for an easier way to track any device.

Method1: Using Phone Monitoring Application

As we discussed earlier, a phone monitoring application can also track a device remotely. The best thing is that you are always connected with these applications, and it makes phone tracking much easier.

Here is an excellent application to track your device:



Minspy is the leading platform for all phone monitoring activities. It was first introduced as a solution to help parents and employers keep track of their employees. Hence, it can help you track the location, social media account, and call logs of the targeted device.

The best thing is that you do not need to root or jailbreak your device to monitor it. All you need is a small setup for an Android device and an iCloud account for Apple devices.

Publishers like CNET and Forbes mentioned Minspy in their publications as one of the best applications for phone monitoring. Hence, you can trust it to track down any device without facing any problems.

Here are the steps you can follow to track a device:

Step1: Register on Minspy

Register on Minspy

Registering on Minspy takes less than a few minutes. Enter your name and email address and you will have your account for phone tracking. You can also choose any subscription plan to keep your account and advanced features activated.

Step2: Connect The Device

You can connect your device with this application to track it later. It will give you a small setup to install on your android device. After that, you can follow the in-app instructions to continue. On the other hand, Apple users can enter the iCloud account credentials to connect all their devices.

Step3: Track Location

The next step is to track the location of your device. You can log in to your Minspy account and click on the dashboard. There are various features to help you track the location of the device. You can either choose Location Tracker or SIM tracker to continue.

If you select the Location Tracker, it will record the GPS location of your device and show it through an easy-to-read map.

However, if you select SIM tracking, then you can check the location even if the GPS of the device is not working.

Method2: Using Find My Device Feature

Android and IOS provide an easy way to keep track of all your devices. This feature helps in locating the lost devices with GPS. However, you need to make sure that your location tracking feature is on and Find My Device is working.

Similarly, Apple users can track their devices with the in-built feature of iCloud.

Tracking An Android Device

Follow these steps to track your lost android device remotely:

Note: You must have a Gmail account logged in on the android device that you want to track.

Step1: Open Google Find My Device

Google offers to Find My Device services to its android users. Search for Find My Device on your laptop and click on the first search result. It will show you all your connected devices with your Google account.

Step2: Select The Device

Look for the device that you lost and select it. You can either track its location, erase all the data, or lock the device remotely. Select the right option and click on continue.

Step3: Use Google Map

If you want to track the location, you can click on Track location, and it will show it on the map. This way, you can easily track any device remotely.

Tracking an iPhone Device

Tracking an iPhone device is way easier than tracking an android. Log in to your iCloud and click on Find My Device Option. It will show all the devices connected to that iCloud account.

Choose the device, and it will show its location on the map. If it can not track the device, you can always check its last activity location to learn more about it.

Final Words

These were the two best methods to find a lost mobile phone online. Both of these methods are proven to help users locate their devices. However, the first method is much more effective as it helps you track the SIM location.

Most of the time, lost devices are not running on their GPS. Hence, GPS tracking can not help you much. However, SIM tracking can show you the exact location of your device instantly.

You can also check the website of this application to understand how it works. There is a sample device that demonstrates the location tracker feature.

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