How to Install Cooler Master Hyper 212 - Complete Guide

by Sohaib Arif

Computer parts are pretty tricky and delicate to handle. You can only install PC components if you are little or more trained. The manufacturers well described assembling techniques. The company manual contains installation instructions make more clear by diagrams.

The cooler master hyper 212 installation process is ‌straightforward. Beginners can not do it by following the videos and pictures. It could be confusing for an untrained person to watch the manual diagrams. You can do it by yourself if you are a computer person.

How to Install Cooler Master Hyper 212

Several hardware parts have lasted as long as the Cooler Master Hyper 212. It is a good buy cooler that effortlessly maintains CPU temperatures down while reducing noise to a lower level. It also has a nice appearance for a CPU cooler. The original Hyper 212 EVO model was not at all particularly appealing.

It is also not that hard to configure, unlike what some people may claim in online customer reviews. However, I can imagine it is difficult for a newbie if you rely on the illustrations from the cooler’s manual for installation.

Step-by-step cooler master hyper 212 installation

All you will require is a screwdriver and some tolerance to get started. A motherboard with a CPU pre-installed would be ideal. The stepwise installation process is given below to help you;

Step 1: Hyper 212 unboxing and pieces collection

Let’s start unboxing the Cooler Master Hyper 212 to see what you need to install on an AMD motherboard. There are many screws and components. Some components are only required to install Hyper 212 over an Intel motherboard. At the same time, others are necessary for both Intel and AMD setups.

cooler master hyper 212 installation

Whether you are building a PC from the initial concept and arranging your motherboard all over its cardboard box is a convenient way to work on it. It protects the motherboard’s underside and prevents it from sliding out while you are working on it. Hence, the installation will be accessible in this way.

Suppose you are not building a new PC from the ground up but want to add the Hyper 212 cooler to an existing one. You will need to remove your motherboard from its case first because you will need access to the rear side of the board to install the Hyper 212. Turn off and disconnect your PC before detaching the panel from it.

Step 2: Detach the mounting brackets

Two black brackets, fixed in place by four screws on each edge. These must enclose the CPU slot on a current AMD motherboard, such as the ASRock B550M Steel Legend. Such brackets usually are pre-installed on AMD motherboards that are used to add a factory AMD cooler, including the Wraith Prism/Stealth.

These brackets are not required for installing the Hyper 212 cooler. Remove the four screws with your screwdriver. Remove the two frames once they are loose and keep them anywhere safe. You never know, though you may want them to install a factory AMD cooler inside the future.

cooler master Hyper 212

After that, carefully pick up your motherboard to detach the loose mounting bracket under it. Grab the board by grasping a solid section of it. Such as the massive radiator on the top left, the back metallic IO part, or the board’s borders. All parts keep aside with caution to avoid any destruction.

Step 3: Preparation of hyper 212 set

Before installing the cooler, you must first prepare the Hyper 212 cooler’s rear mounting bracket. Which must be configured in a specific manner for AMD motherboards. This bracket will substitute the one you could pull from under your motherboard once it’s been prepared.

To begin, gather the four square pins and four clips. After inserting the square peg:

  1. Tighten the screw until you hear a cracking noise.
  2. Double-check that the tiny square piece is positioned through the correct hole. Once you have completed the operation on both sides, your mounting bracket should look in the right direction.
  3. Ensure your brackets are the same.

Step 4: The mounting bracket attachment

Cooler installention guide

Now cautiously reposition your motherboard. Insert your well-prepared mounting bracket into the four holes encircling the CPU socket. Now twist the four black corner parts into the four edges of the Computer motherboard by hand. Using your screwdriver tool, tighten the four raisers with the socket connection.

Step 5: Preparation and installation of cooler master Hyper 212

Now take the original cooler and put it on the table upside down with the sticker facing up. Simply unscrew the linked fan on the edges to detach it. You will manage it more easily whenever it is time to mount the cooler. Remove the bottom label, but avoid contacting the surface beneath it since you want to keep this region free of debris and other contaminants.

Set the connection underneath the side of the cooler, one by one time. The small tiny rubber nubs face inwards towards the cooler’s center. Then, with one hand holding the connection in line, utilize the other hand to tighten the connection in the spot with your screwdriver by using tiny screws.

Once screwing these “wings” in on every end of the cooler, twist them up and down as illustrated below to ensure they’re fastened correctly and firmly. You don’t want it to wiggle around. If they wiggle when you touch them, detach the little screw and reattach the wing, so it’s secure. You make sure that the screw should be protected and immobile.

Step 6: Thermal paste application and mounting of hyper 212

Before cooler mounting, apply the thermal paste. Actually, installing the cooler is not difficult, but it can be inconvenient because it may require some minor wiggles to position and secure it appropriately. Hold the cooler in one hand and lift it over the CPU with the other.

Thermal paste application and mounting of hyper 212

Position the four screws on the cooler’s bottom squarely above the CPU socket’s four corners. Gradually reduce the cooler straight onto the four corners once you’ve aligned it correctly. It may take some time to align and secure all four corners evenly. Do not panic if this is the case.

Step 7: Fan attachment & motherboard alignment

Simply connect the fan with the heat sink on each corner. You might technically attach the fan to either end of the cooler. However, it should be on the RAM end of the motherboard. This fan serves as an intake fan, sucking fresh air from the case’s front and blowing it through the heat sink blades.

Step 8: RGB cable connection to the motherboard

The RGB wire on the Hyper 212 can be connected in two ways. The first method is to attach the RGB cable straight to the motherboard. The second best option is to connect the RGB cable to the cooler using the included RGB controller and link it to your power source.

Final words

Installation of a cooler master hyper 212 is not so challenging, but it is technical. A beginner can not do the installation process by just watching the videos. You need expert guidance and technical support for a better installation process of hyper 212.

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