Can I Use An Inkjet Printer For Foiling?

by Sohaib Arif

Inkjet printing is a type of printing where tiny droplets of ink are sprayed onto a surface to create an image. There have been inkjet technology since the early 19th century, but it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that inkjet printers began to be used for commercial purposes.

Since then, inkjet printers have become increasingly popular and are now one of the most commonly used types. They’re often used for print jobs that require high-quality graphics or images, such as photographs.

Have you ever wanted to add some extra sparkle and pizzazz to your paper crafts but didn’t have the right tools? Your inkjet printer may surprise you to learn that you can use it to create beautiful foil effects!

Can I Use An Inkjet Printer For Foiling

In this blog post, we explore the possibility of using inkjet printers for foiling and offer tips for success if you’re curious about using your inkjet printer for foiling! We’ll help you get started.

What is Foiling?

Before we dive into whether an inkjet printer can be used for foiling or not, let’s first understand what foiling is. Foiling is a printing technique that uses heat and pressure to apply a metallic or glossy finish to paper or other materials.

The process involves transferring a thin layer of foil onto the paper using a hot stamping machine. Foiling is commonly used for invitations, business cards, packaging, and other print materials that require a luxurious look.

What is an Inkjet Printer?

An inkjet printer is a type of printer that uses liquid ink to print on paper or other materials. It works by propelling droplets of ink onto the paper through tiny nozzles. Inkjet printers are commonly used for printing documents, photos, and graphics.

Is It Possible To Foil With An Inkjet Printer?

The short answer is: yes! It is possible to use an inkjet printer for foiling. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the best results. Following are the steps you need to take:

Step1: Choose The Right Kind Of Paper

When foiling with an inkjet printer, it’s important to use heavier paper than you usually use for printing. It will help prevent the foil from wrinkling or tearing when you run it through the printer. We recommend using heavy cardstock or photo paper.

Step 2: Choose The Suitable Foil

Many different types of foils are available on the market, so choosing one compatible with your printer is essential. Some foils are explicitly made for inkjet printers, while others can be used with inkjet and laser printers.

Inkjet Printer

Rather than relying on your local craft store or doing some research online, we recommend checking with your local craft store or doing some research online.

Step 3: Prepare Your Design

Once you have the right paper and foil, it’s time to prepare your design. Print it out on plain paper to ensure it fits within the desired area if you’re using a pre-made design.

If you’re creating your design, remember that reverse images will print out correctly on the foil. Any text or graphics you want to be visible on the finished project should be reversed when you create your design.

Step 4: Print your design

Now it’s time to print your design onto the foil paper! Make sure to run a test print on a scrap piece of paper to ensure everything is printing correctly. Following a final check, print your final design.

Step 5: Apply The Foil

Use An Inkjet Printer For Foiling

After your design has been printed onto the foil paper, it’s time to apply the foil. You can run the paper through a laminator or a heated tool, such as a hair dryer or iron. If using a laminator, feed the foil paper into the machine and wait for it to pass through.

If you’re using a heated tool, place the foil paper on an ironing board or other heat-resistant surface and carefully apply the heated tool to the foil. Be sure to move the tool around, so you don’t overheat any area.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Foiled Design!

Once you’ve applied the foil, your design is complete! You can now use it however you’d like. Whether adding some extra flair to a scrapbook page or making homemade invitations, we hope you enjoy experimenting with this fun technique.

What Printers Can You Use for Foiling?

There are two types of printers commonly used for foiling: laser printers and digital foil printers. Laser printers use toner instead of ink and generate heat, which makes them suitable for foiling.

Digital foil printers, on the other hand, are specifically designed for foiling and use a combination of heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the paper.

Laser Printers for Foiling

Laser printers use toner, which is a type of powder, to print on paper. The toner is fused onto the paper using heat and pressure, making it possible to transfer the foil onto the paper. However, not all laser printers are suitable for foiling.

To use a laser printer for foiling, you will need a printer that generates enough heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the paper. Additionally, you will need a toner that is compatible with foiling. Not all toners are suitable for foiling, so make sure to check the compatibility before purchasing a toner.

Digital Foil Printers

Digital foil printers are specifically designed for foiling and use a combination of heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the paper. These printers are more expensive than laser printers but offer better quality and more flexibility. They also offer a range of foil colors and patterns, making it possible to create unique and eye-catching prints.

Can You Use an Inkjet Printer for Foiling?

The short answer is no; you cannot use an inkjet printer for foiling. Foiling requires heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the paper, and inkjet printers are not capable of generating the required heat and pressure.

Additionally, the ink used in inkjet printers is water-based, which makes it difficult for the foil to adhere to the paper. Therefore, if you want to add foiling to your prints, you will need to use a different type of printer.


As you can see, it is possible to use an inkjet printer for foiling. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the best results. Inkjet printers make it easy to create beautiful foil designs using your inkjet printer. Try it out! We hope you enjoy this fun technique.

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