AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics Card Debuts Inside the MacBook Pro With HBM2

by Rustam Iqbal

Apple recently upgraded its store with some new upgrades for its MacBook 16 in terms of graphics cards and SSD drive upgrades. All these things will be available through the Apple stores in your country or from their website if you want. Instead of releasing a new MacBook this year, Apple got something big for its users especially for those who like to use MacBook for graphics and rendering purposes as it is expected that MacBook Pro will get AMD Radeon Pro 5600M graphics processing unit upgrade and some other major upgrades. Let’s head toward checking out some details and specifications of this upcoming device.

The MacBook 2019 was released with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics processing unit which is available for a $200 price option. According to some sources, this new graphics configuration will deliver you more than 75% performance than the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M. The old configuration was Radeon Pro 5500M which is a DDR6 based chip with memory up to 4GB. Also, this configuration is about 3.5 times better than the Apple MacBook 15 inches. Currently, Apple has not provided the new configuration price in some countries including India and other countries but in the US it’s about $700 additional with the price of MacBook 16.

AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics Card Debuts Inside the MacBook Pro With HBM2

With graphics card upgrades this new configuration is also going to get SSD upgrade options where you can get several options. If you own a MacBook Pro 16 you can get this upgrade which is available in several storage configurations including 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB. Also, you can install these new configurations without having any technical support from customer care. These SSD drives are available in the components section of the Apple store and these SSDs configurations are available in pairs. As you know that this SSD is tied with T2 security chip from apple so it’s not a Plug and Play option.

SSD Configuration Price
1TB $600
2TB $1000
4TB $1600
8TB $2800

As you know Apple products are expensive from other companies due to their quality and support; these upgrades are not going to be cheap. The price of 1TB SSD upgrade will cost you more than $600 while the 8TB upgrade is super expensive and costs $2800. All those users who are willing to upgrade their old drives can get them and upgrade with the guide released by Apple. These configurations are for DIY users and you can’t get any pre upgraded models of these MacBook directly from Apple at least for now. Overall these upgrades are only available in MacBook’s as most of the other notebooks only support 2TB of drives.

AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics Card Debuts Inside the MacBook Pro With HBM2

The graphics configurations are worthwhile because you will get more than 75% performance difference than the previous chip installed so those users who want more performance can go with this deal. There we have a comparison table of both of these graphics processing units and you can compare them with each other.

Specifications AMD Radeon RX 5500M AMD Radeon Pro 5600M
Base Clock 1448MHz Not Available
Boost Clock 1645MHz 1035MHz
CUs 22 40
Texture Processing Units 88 160
TFLOPs 4.6 5.3
Memory Clock Speed 14GBPS GDDR6 1.54GBPS
Memory Bandwidth 128-bit 2048-bit
Architecture RDNA (1) RDNA (1)
Graphics Processing Unit Navi 14 Navi 12
TDP 85W 50W
Release Date Q4 2019 Q2 2020

Taking a deep look at performance this new configuration can give you exceptional performance in the video editing process and other graphics related work. However, it might be a bit expensive for some MacBook users as these upgrades are not cheap.

The SSD upgrades need a second MacBook running the Apple Configurator 2 software and a USB Type-C cable because you can’t directly play and play these drives. All those users who are interested in buying these SSD drives can go to their website and order them from this page. Also, these upgrades are only available to MacBook Pro released in 2019 and you can’t install them in older versions at any condition. For any problem, you can contact their support from the website which is available 24/7 everywhere.

AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics Card Debuts Inside the MacBook Pro With HBM2

The installation process of these new configurations includes which might be difficult for some users as they are not plug play. Even the SSD drive needs a security upgrade to work correctly but with Apple docs release you can easily do this within minutes. We are also looking for your reviews on these upgrades so feel free to share them with us through comments and all comments will be appreciated there.

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