iPad 2021 will get 5G chipset and Mini-LED panel

by Rustam Iqbal

As we already know that Apple stands first in the tablet manufacturing industry and ships millions of tablets each year. Although in the past few years they have decreased down the manufacturing of tablets, still this company stands first in the crowd. They are going to release a refreshed version of pervious iPad with new design and some technologies. It has been rumoured around the web that this new tablet is going to launch in the upcoming six to seven months.

Along with these iPads, Apple is launching some other devices with new technologies, including iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Some sources are claiming that these devices will get new displays, presence of 5G supported chipsets and some significant performance upgrade. The upcoming iPad Pro Is expected to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon x55 modem and mini-LED screens.

The first one who shared this news was @L0vetodream, a guy who mostly shared news regarding Apple devices before their release. According to his tweet, this iPad will get some significant upgrades and later on these rumours are confirmed by 9to5Mac stating that the guy predicted the exact thing regarding the upcoming iPad.

ipad with 5g chipset

You might already know the iPhone 12 will get 5G support, but that’s not only a device that needs this network. The company decided to bring 5G support to all of the devices, including iPads and iPhone, including every model. Apple will launch a refreshed version of iPad in Q1 of 2021 with 5G support.

More from the L0vetodream tweet this device is going to use the Snapdragon x55 modem chipset which allows sub-6Ghz network and mmWave network support. This chipset is also going to use in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and you will experience the same network speed on all of these devices.

Other than network updates, Apple is also working to bring a significant upgrade in screens of new iPads. This iPad will come with mini-LED, which has an advantage over OLEDs in term of colour quality and visuals. Mini-LEDs will bring display quality enhancements, some variety of improvements in display quality, and also it allows your battery to last long.

The older version of iPads was using a large size OLED display, but it is much wrong with them compared with mini-LED displays. The mini-Led display consists of an array of small microscopic led lights and forms individual pixels from each led light. There are many advantages of using these display panels instead of OLEDs or IPS display panels.

There are many reports regarding this, and it’s confirmed that Apple is implementing these displays in upcoming devices. The reason why the company is shifting from OLEDs to mini-LEDs is these displays are thin in length and are much energy efficient. Also, OLEDs have some problems in colour shifting and have a high production cost. With these displays, you can experience better contrasts, great visuals, better response time and are energy efficient.

ipad with 5g chipset

With a networking and some display upgrades, the upcoming iPad is also getting some enhancements in performance. The iPad launched this year was equipped with A12Z Bionic processor which is identical to the A12x but got some additional cores for the graphics processing unit.

It is expected that the upcoming iPad will be equipped with A14 CPU, which is much better than the predecessor and is based on the 5nm processor. There are some leaked reports that the Apple CPU partner TSMC is scheduled for the manufacturing of A14 chipset. These processors will be available for the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro this year and then for next year on iPad pro.

Right now there is no detail regarding the performance of this processor, but from some rumour, we got this that this chip will give you the same performance as of 15-inch MacBook Pro. Also, the chip equipped in iPad Pro is likely to be more potent than the version using in the iPhone. With all these technologies, what do you think? Will Apple increase the prices of its upcoming iPads and iPhones? My opinion on this is with the use of new technologies Apple might use this as a reason to increase the costs of their new iPads as 5G needs more powerful batteries and some other things.

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