SeaSonic unveils PSU With 12-Pin Nvidia Power Connector, Power Supply Rated At 850W

by Rustam Iqbal

Nvidia Corporation is an American international company aired for the latest technological interventions in Delaware, Santa Clara, California. It is recommended to optimize the gaming and professional graphics processing units ( GPUs) and a chip unit (SoCs) system for mobile computing and automotive markets. Its primary line of GPU products, GeForce, in direct contest with Radeon, products from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). With their manual-cum-automative Shield Portable, Shield Tablet, and Shield Android TV, Nvidia expanded its presence in the gaming industry.

Since 2014, Nvidia has multi-faceted its business by focusing on four markets: data centers, gaming, computer visualization, and automotive. Now Nvidia is working on artificial intelligence as well.

In addition to manufacturing GPUs, Nvidia provides researchers and scientists with equitable processing capabilities, which blessed them to crave high- optimization of applications efficiently. It has recently stepped into the mobile computing market by producing Tegra mobile processors for smartphones and tablets. It is also developing vehicle navigation and entertainment systems. Besides AMD, its competitors include Intel, Qualcomm, and Arm, e.g.

The whole discussion concludes that they are very progressive, even in the field of accessories preparation on the very experimental and deductive modules. They have promised to enhance the gaming experience for their users. And their promises are being fulfilled by the latest dawn. The exotic wait to the Ampere GeForce GPUs from Nvidia has been started, and meanwhile, the air mongering is working as impressive as it can to get you excited. Previously, we caught the wind of a mongering experiencing the latest connector from Nvidia and checked via our sources that there is such a cable. Now a new picture of the cable has appeared-and Seasonic; a connector maker allegedly posts it.

Twitter user HXL, who noticed the images on bilibili forums, spotted the tweet. It shows next to its package the company cable, turning dual 8-pin connectors into a single connector. The "Nvidia 12-pin PCIe Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector" is 750 mm long, and the box states "With this cable, it is best to use an 850 W or higher power supply".

Since this cable characteristics two male 8-pin connectors, it's intended to plug right into a the company PSU's modular ports — instead of being formated as an adapter enhancement on your contemporaneous 8-pin cables.

Usually, 8-pin power connectors are rated at 150W each, combined with 75W through the PCIe port to support board power of up to 375W. This is not entirely an unconscious reality, as even custom boards from Nvidia's AIC partners have three PCIe power connectors on occasion. It is notable, though, that this does not denote much about the power usage or outcome of Ampere.

Only yesterday, too, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 was pictured again, and it looks like it will be a triple-slot card's behemoth, reminiscent of a power-thwarting architecture.

Whether this new connector would make it into the entire Ampere GeForce line is uncertain. According to a Google Translate, Seasonic states, "Is it unclear? Hesitate to submit because there is no NDA. If it is valid, the supplier of the power supply supplier will raise the bonus line costs. It is only used for testing".

The statement on the box says, "With this cable, it is recommended to use a power supply rated 850 W or higher". It could only be appropriate for the most power-bidding cards, as we could imagine it would annoy quite a large group of people if something like the RTX 3070 just used a near-kilowatt.

The real learning can be assumed that the note might only be there as a tip to threaten. We can't deny after all that a single 12-pin connector would be a much more elegant solution than multiple connectors, particularly if you want to meditate in individually slot cables.

Nonetheless, the only way for a piece of actual knowledge is by waiting for the original manuscript from Nvidia, so just hold your senses awaiting until September 1st.

Rustam Iqbal

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