Vaio SX12 2020 Review


Today we Review the OSX 12 ( Vaio SX12 ) it is a 12.5-inch Laptop, That is about the same size as your average 11.6-inch Laptop, Not that there are many of those on the market anymore, So VAIO is no longer owned by Sony.

Sony sold off the VAIO team and they make their own Laptops now, That claims to fame with this has always been Carbon Fiber Unidirectional which is strong, So it makes it very Light 900 Grams, It’s really crazy it makes it, 

Dell XPS 13 feel kind of Heavy and it has a Super amount of ports for a very Compact UltraBook even VGA.

You can laugh but businesses neither any of, Vaio SX12 have HDMI and you have USB C with Display Port, You know Three USB a Ports, of course, a HeadPhone jack, a Full-Size SD Card Slot, that’s kind of madness.

Right to Display options, Full HD and 4k, updated Now with Intel 10th Generation CPU and Interestingly the Intel Comet-Like 6 Core CPU, So this guy is a Little PowerHouse, So this is Unidirectional Carbon Fiber, 

Unidirectional means all the Fibers go one Direction, they say that is stronger, It doesn’t feel flexible, It feels pretty rigid actually.

Four Carbon Fiber which is a more bendy and forgiving Material, than metal is it’s available in Four colors Silver, Mattle, Black and Brown and then there’s a Premium Red color.

Which is kind of a Glossy Red, which is actually really Pretty, so yeah Six-Core is not a 45 Watt Mobile Workstation kind, This is still a used series CPU meant for ultra bucks, but it’s a 25 watt CPU usually we see ice lake in the 10th generation, which is still four cores it does have intel iris plus graphics that four core model.

Wo when this thin is light you don’t see this too often but a few makers do it speaking of that Dell XPS 13 that I mentioned, So very performant in the CPU area and the benchmark numbers show that particularly, you take a look at the Geekbench for multi-core benchmark number and you go whoa nice, 

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but you still get into a UHD 620 level graphics here so no graphics prowess jump like we see with Ice Lake.

So yeah obviously is for those of you who want to crunch numbers a lot and you need the horsepower for that, Not for those of you who are thinking about trying to video editing on Ultrabook, which is always a challenging proposition, to be honest, but you know and for gaming, you get a little extra bump if you had iris plus graphics.

Starts at $1,200 and the base model gets you a Core i7 because all of the model versions of this are a core i7 CPU, so that’s not on the table you don’t have to worry about, back 8 GB around a 256 GB m2 NVME SSD Full HD display,

And if you go up from there and there’s a $1400 model, I’m gonna get to the $1,800 model, then you’re really looking at something pretty nice, you get the 4k display option if that’s, what you’re looking for granted that’s a lot of resolution in a tiny space right.

16 GB of Ram a 512 GB SSD that’s a pretty sweet setup it’s a little pricey though at $1,800 speaking of the display is the full HD display much like the last generation, is lacking in color gamut but when you look at the display you think well it looks pretty nice and that’s actually a little surprising, that the gamut numbers aren’t very good on it’s a pretty bright display and this year what’s new is they’re using a high efficiency low powerful HD display much like HP does with respect to X 361-watt panels.

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So it does help with battery life and that’s a good thing because this does not have a big battery, well it’s not a Rimac laptop, to fit one and either the 4k display would likely have wider gamut and covering 100 percent of srgb and 75 percent of Adobe RGB and probably,

Wouldn’t be the best thing for battery life though it might look nice either way we’re talking matte non-touch IPS displays for those of you more interested in display out this does have well through VGA and as HDMI and that can do a 4k display at 30 Hertz and if you want 60 Hertz refresh rate at 4k.

you can use the USB C port which supports display out on this and also power delivery and power charging so good on that for a performance like I said it’s pretty strong in terms, especially for something this small for an ultrabook and cooling on this is pretty well handled.

Now Vaio SX12 have performance mode, normal mode and low power quiet mode all in the little vo app settings which is a pretty full-featured settings applet so it depends on which you choose are those.

Leaving on the performance setting and plugged in you’ll hear the fan and it’s almost like water boiling in the distance or something it’s, so it doesn’t get loud but she’ll hear it and that’s only when you’re pushing it otherwise the cooling is pretty well handled on this.

Speaking of that vo app you can also do things that we don’t see very often anymore like extended battery life that doesn’t mean charge time it means over the life of the laptops if you want to have a charge only to 50% or only to 80% because you often use it plugged in in theory that can make the battery lasts more years.

You can reassign some of Vaio SX12 keys on the keyboard, that they’re a Microsoft precision trackpad and a pretty comfy keyboard that goes out edge to edge so it’s relatively roomy for a 12.5-inch chassis.

It’s backlit in white and the Keith feel pretty nice on its only one point two-millimeter travel which sounds worse than it feels actually it’s fairly cushy it doesn’t bottom out or properly like it now Dell XPS keyboard, does I also note so this is a very quiet keyboard and indeed it is that’s something that often business users particularly one because you’ve got about 40 people sitting in an open office environment you don’t want to hear everybody can Click Click.

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The precision trackpad is good it is small though it’s always the case with this laptop, of course, it is a small laptop and it has two dedicated clickers they could have spread it a little bit further out that would be one of my complaints along with the full HD display not having very good gamut at the price that we’re talking here from $1,200 all the way up to 2,300 dollars depending on your configuration I would like to see full SRGB coverage.

Since it’s nominally for business users this comes with Windows 10 Pro and it actually has BIOS card you can also use a USB key or your smartphone to authenticate in the BIOS.

Just like the last generation the speakers on this are pretty pathetic they are small and they sound small I mean it’s quieter than a SmartPhone is they are stereo but thank goodness there’s a headphone jack.

There are laptop ships with a very compact charger with a barrel pen connectors same one that they’ve used before it looks like it’s a 50-watt charger and it has a little USB a port in case you want to charge your smartphone or whatever using the charger as well.

35 watt-hour battery that’s pretty darn small thank goodness for that low powerful HD display and battery life is better than what we saw for the last generation with the full HD despite but still it’s phenomenal given the small battery and the fairly powerful 6-core CPU inside we were managing six to six and a half hours and that’s with the balanced power profile and brightness up to 115 it’s doing mixed productivity and a little streaming video kind of stuff if you put on the low-performance mode grant it and drop that brightness even further down you could get it to run longer, I would expect the 4k display to run considerably less I don’t charge.

To open this up it’s a little different than usual but not too too bad first unscrew a whole lot of Phillips head screws everywhere you see them unscrew them then work a guitar pick around the edges and instead of pulling the bottom off you’re actually going to raise the keyboard deck up which is the same as previous-generation models so then we flip it over and you pull up on it and there’s a ribbon cable attached so be mindful of the ribbon cable.

You can get it out of the way and there’s The battery 35 watt-hour and the single fan on here ram is soldered onboard and the Qualcomm Wi-Fi card with BlueTooth there and an M2 NVME SSD it’s a fast Samsung you could upgrade that yourself if you wish to since it’s socketed and there is an orgy LTE card but like I said they only offer that in the Japanese model for Japanese carriers not for the US.

So that’s the buy of SX 12 also available as the buy OS X 14 if you like it but you just want it in a 14-inch size and said the specs are the same other than the display size so still there’s nothing like it’s incredibly light it’s pretty durable carbon fiber it’s unique looking if you don’t want to look like everybody else’s laptop out there and the ports on this are pretty much to die for is that enough to make you buy one.

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