Best Websites to Sign Documents Online Free

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How much time are you wasting on signing papers? A document is formatted and printed, signed, scanned on your computer, and (usually) reformatted before you send it. This does not sound that bad, but it becomes a hassle when repeated dozens and dozens of times.

That’s when electronic signatures come to the rescue-in seconds; they encourage you to sign papers digitally. And corporations are discovering their advantages quickly. Global eSignature purchases have increased from 89 million in 2012 to 754 million in 2017, as per a study.

The eSignature app makes these types of signatures simple to obtain and hold, usually by encouraging you to put entry forms in your records. By ensuring signatures can be verified, they also provide an extra degree of protection.

Best Websites to Sign Documents Online Free

Importance of E-Signatures

Electronic signatures, particularly in the following cases, are becoming more prevalent:

  • For a project, businesses or people that provide services often need a signed contract.
  • Employers may order the signing of a non-disclosure agreement from newly appointed employees or interviewees.
  • All owners and renters have to sign a lease or rental contract.
  • Companies who rely on online forms require signed permission from their respondents to obtain information from their customers.

Are electronic signatures binding legally?

There are several occasions where courts have ruled in terms of the accuracy of eSignatures. E-Signatures are legally binding if there are agreement and intent, which is almost always the case.

By offering authentication and audit logs, among other functions, trusted software vendors often provide an extra level of protection.

Below are given 5 best websites to help you sign the documents online;

CocoSign: The more creative way of signing


CocoSignis the e-signature solution provided in the tech industry by one of the most popular brands. The service from CocoSign has plenty of features and functionality. It is accessible from both the site and the smartphone app, so even away from the workplace, you can conveniently use your e-signature.

CocoSign helps you sign documents online in a few simple steps. It provides an authentication service to ensure that essential legal enforcement is apparent to those applied to critical papers, and you can also customize your e-signature, of course.

Recent improvements include adherence with SAP SuccessFactors for life science and pharmaceutical firms and integration. CocoSign also works across all Microsoft Office products.

To know more about CocoSign.


HelloSign is one of the easiest methods of signing papers or collecting signatures for people on a budget. It helps you to sign documents on Gmail with a browser plugin or use its smartphone iOS and Android applications to sign documents on the go.

You may add a signature, initials, or use text editing to complete a form. Send a paper by email right from the app if you are the one who wants to obtain the signature of another user.

The saved signatures from HelloSign are also a timesaver. By keeping an image file, running your finger over your trackpad, or taking a photo of your signature with your phone, you will generate a new signature.

You are using one of HelloSign’s handwriting fonts to type your signature if none of this works for you. If required, put your signature and resize it before clicking on Proceed. Enter your recipient’s email address, add a note to be included with your signed contract, and press Send.


With Mac OS X, Preview comes pre-installed and can quickly be ignored as an eSig tool. It’s only gotten better with Apple’s OS X Yosemite update, which added the Markup functionality to the software.

With Preview, using text labeling, you will fill in a form, and you can have a lot of control over how the text looks. To make a new signature, use your trackpad or sign a sheet of paper, and Preview can record your signature using the camera on your Mac.

Your signature will then be saved for future use by Preview, and you just need to put it in your text. Best of all, you can open a PDF email, eSign it with the Preview markup extension right inside your post, and send it back, all without ever opening another app.

However, Preview does not include all the bells and whistles provided by many devoted eSignature applications, so it’s safer if you do need to sign contracts periodically and do not require waterproof safety features.


Although SignEasy can undoubtedly be used from your home computer or office, it seems to have channeled a lot of work into getting it ready for mobile use. It is cloud-based, meaning it can be used on the move, and the user experience is cleverly set out for phones and tablets.

Otherwise, it has much of the same characteristics as the e-signature services above, but simplicity is a real priority (as the name suggests). Signature boxes should be annotated to make it crystal clear who wants to sign and how.

And if you feel that there is a need to sign the same kind of papers repeatedly electronically, then it is simple to set up models for reuse. Pricing is theoretically very favorable for SignEasy, with the Regular package available. It has minimal flexibility, though, so the Plus and Professional plans can prove more useful.

And the SignEasy remains one of the most affordable rates of all the utilities here, while more aggressive plans will provide more functionality elsewhere. So it depends on whether or not you would like to pay for such features, with SignEasy offering a decent entry-level service that is also useful for small to medium-sized enterprises.

KeepSolid Sign

The bid from KeepSolid security and encryption specialists is KeepSolid Sign. It offers fast, legitimate signatures, as well as offline access to signed contracts on any platform.

In terms of accessibility, besides record monitoring, there are annotation and coordination resources that make it easier to make improvements and collaborate on projects or legal procedures. You will get information, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and iCloud, from almost every big cloud or email registry. Simply import the text and apply your signature to KeepSolid Sign.

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