Do PC Cases Come With Fans And Cables

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Well, a yes or no answer is not enough for a user because you need to know the different types of fans that usually come with a PC case and the same goes with the cables. In general, a good quality PC case comes with fans that facilitate better airflow and meet specific needs for noise levels to give an ideal user experience.

Fans cool down the PCs and optimize their performance, while the cables are necessary for data transfer, power, signaling, and more. In a nutshell, it is always a good idea to buy a PC case that comes with fans and cables. Let’s see different types and fans and cables and other necessary details which will help you to understand the need for cables and fans in a better way.

Do PC Cases Come With Fans?

PC cases may or may not come with fans. It would be right to say that this depends on the product you are purchasing and the brand. For example, NZXT H5 10i comes with built-in fans—one on the front side and the other on the rear side. These fans provide adequate cooling, airflow, and noise leveling. I love the addition of a smart hub to this PC case that allows you to regulate the speed of fans as per need.

In contrast, I bought the Fractal Design Define 7 PC case which has no pre-installed fans in it, so I bought the fans individually and installed them to the case to reduce overheating issues and optimize the airflow. However, the thing I like about this PC case is that it supports up to nine fans to give an excellent cooling performance.

Do PC Cases Come With Fans And Cables

What Are The Different Types Of Fans That Come With A PC Case?

Not all PC case fans are the same, they are mainly distinguished into two: airflow fans and high static pressure fans. The airflow fans come with blades that rotate to push air. The resistance level of air is low in these fans which is why the in and out pathway of air is smoother.

With the flip of a coin, the high static pressure fans are like radiators with restricted airflow. The passage of air is not smooth in these fans and they are synonymous with heat sinking accessories in the CPU.

How Many Fans Do You Need In A Case?

PC cases vary depending on the number of fans installed in them, for example, one, two, or many. Well, to decide whether you need a single fan case or a multi-fan case, you need to consider your PC requirements.

In other words, if a computer has overheating issues and it needs more than one fan to cool down and function optimally, then you should get a multi-fan case. In contrast, if you have a high-quality computer or CPU that already has a built-in cooling mechanism, there is no need to spend extra money on PC cases with numerous fans.

Moreover, the number of fans your computer needs depends on the size. As a rule of thumb, if the PC and PC case is large, more fans would be required to regulate the airflow nicely, while for compact cases, a single fan can work.

After using a couple of cases and fans on different PCs, I concluded that you should at least get a PC case with two fans. This is because two fans—one on the front and the other on the rear side, work synergistically and provide ideal ventilation.

Do PC Cases Come With Cables?

As per my experience, PC cases rarely come without cables, but still, there can be a possibility that PC cases don’t have a cable at all. But you should avoid PC cases that lack cables in the first place to avoid any inconvenience. This is because there is no point in spending money on a PC case that comes with no cables when there are plenty of options available in the market that facilitate this feature.

Among all the PC cases that I have used so far, the Phanteks Eclipse P400A PC case is the best because it is a digital RGB PC case that comes with cables. You can make connections, power the PC, transfer data, and whatnot.

What Are The Different Types Of Cables That Come With A PC Case?

Many different types of cables may come with the PC case, for example, power cable, USB cable, SATA cable, speaker cable, ATX cable, Ethernet cable, DVI cable, power supply cable, video cable, fan cable, cooler cable, and so forth. Well, there are too many, but you should check the power cable, USB cable, and speaker cable before buying the PC case.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for the PC cases, fans and cables! In short, you should never buy a product blindly and make sure to check the pre-installed fans and cables from the product description. This is because the PC case fans are important for better airflow and sound leveling, while the built-in cables help make a connection, data transfer, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do PC case fans come with wires?

Yes, the PC case fans come with wires for the power supply. However, there can be some battery-powered PC case fans that have no wire.

Do PC cases already come with fans?

It depends on the brand and product as some PC cases come with pre-installed fans while few don’t. In this blog, I have written complete details on PC case fans, so don’t forget to read.

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