How to Clean Gaming Mouse Pad

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Is your mouse movement lagging? Or is your cursor not moving smoothly? Your mouse pad might be the one to blame. A dirty mouse pad can cause many unnecessary issues with your PC setup. Moreover, for easy navigation through your computer, you must not avoid cleaning your mouse pad while cleaning other PC parts.

A mouse pad is an important part of a computer setup, especially a gaming PC. Because gaming requires loads of mouse movement, it also accumulates dirt and germs due to its regular usage. Considering all the dirt and breeding bacteria on the mouse pad, it must be cleaned properly. So, continue reading this article for an easy and efficient way to clean a gaming mouse pad.

Before analyzing the process of cleaning a gaming mouse pad, let’s investigate why we should clean it or what will happen if we keep avoiding its cleaning. So, let’s go deeper into the menaces of a dirty mouse pad.

Decreased Performance

Dust and debris accumulate when you do not clean your mouse pad for a while. Consequently, it can tamper with the sensors of your mouse. The PC performance is reduced when the mouse’s sensors are malfunctioning. Moreover, if you are a gamer, this will be the most frustrating thing during a gaming session, as you cannot move the mouse smoothly.

Additionally, the mouse tracking will not be consistent, and the cursor suddenly jumps from one place to another. During a game or any other important activity, this can be very scary and might result in data loss. Moreover, over time accumulation of dirt can make a mouse pad sticky, and you will have to drag the mouse on the sticky pad, which can lead to extremely slow movement of the mouse.

Depletion of the Mouse Pad

If you want your mouse pad to last longer without any damage, you must clean it. Otherwise, dirt and debris can cause wear and tear on the mouse. When material like sand gathers on the pad, it can damage its surface by scratching and pitting it. As a result, your mouse movement will not be as accurate as it was before.

As established earlier, dirt can lead to the pad’s stickiness, making it harder for the mouse to move around the pad. Thus, requiring the users to exert more force to move the mouse against the friction caused by dirt. This leads to early depletion of the pad, less accuracy, and jumping of the cursor.

How to Clean Gaming Mouse Pad


We all know a dirty place is always perfect for germs and bacteria to start breeding. When you use your mouse, your hand comes in contact with the pad, and you end up catching germs and viruses. Moreover, if you are prone to allergies, dust on the pad can be fatal to your health.

How to Clean Gaming Mouse Pad

The cleaning process itself is not hard. However, it is always better to take some advice before cleaning anything that can be used for electronic devices. Therefore, let me share my experience with you. I follow the step-by-step instructions each time I clean my mouse pad.

Required Material

● Warm water

● Clean cloth or towel

● Cleaning brush with soft bristles

● Mild detergent

Make a Cleaning Solution

Before starting the cleaning process, it is better to make the cleaning solution beforehand. Take warm water and mix some mild detergent into it. It is important to use mild detergents because strong ones can damage the pad. Now let’s walk through the cleaning steps.

● First, look for dirt that is not stuck to the pad, and remove it with the brush.

● Next, put the pad in the cleaning solution for a few minutes. This will loosen up any dirt and debris stuck to its surface. Moreover, this will make the process easier, and you will not have to exert much force to remove the gunk and damage the pad.

● Then, take out the pad from the solution. You can rinse it with water now. However, I like to softly rub my soft-bristled brush over it for one last time to remove any stubborn dirt left and then thoroughly rinse it with clean water.

● Now, put the towel on the clean towel or cloth without wringing it. Air drying might take some time, but it is the safest option. Because hairdryers and sunlight might look like quick ways to dry it, they will certainly cause damage. So, please leave it to air dry completely before putting it under your mouse to prevent mold.

● Finally, wipe the pad with a sanitizer or disinfectant spray to reduce the germs from growing again. Your clean mouse pad is ready to be used again.

Note: If you have an RGB-lighting gaming mouse pad, unplug it first and remove the lights. Then clean it with a soft clean cloth dampened in the cleaning solution. Do not put the pad directly in the water and detergent solution. In the end, air dry it like a regular mouse pad. Moreover, check the instructions on your mouse pad packaging for any specific detail before cleaning it.


To sum it up, cleaning your gaming mouse pad regularly is very important as it can lead to reduced performance. However, you must check the instructions in the manual with your gaming mouse pad for any specific safety advice. Generally, a soft cleaning brush and mild detergent with warm water can clean any mouse pad.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many times a month should I clean my gaming mouse pad?

To avoid your mouse pad from reducing your mouse’s performance, it is best to wash it once a month.

Can I fix a mouse pad that is peeling by washing it?

If your gaming mouse pad is peeling, it is probably time for you to replace it because washing or cleaning cannot stop it from peeling.

How should I keep my gaming mouse pad from getting dirty?

You can maintain your gaming mouse pad by using it with clean hands and keeping it in a clean and dry place.

Can a vacuum cleaner clean my gaming mouse pad?

Yes, if it has a soft brush and bristles and you are using it gently, it can remove almost all dirt and dust from your pad.

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