Asus' ROG Falchion a Wireless Gaming Keyboard With Arrow Keys

by Rustam Iqbal

Asus has recently announced about the ROG Falchion gaming keyboard during a press conference for its new ROG Phone 3. The vendor has revealed some facts about the upcoming keyboard. It has confirmed that the side touch panel can play and pause music (adjust volume), zoom in and out) your screen, and display the keyboard’s battery status. It could also be programmed as a macro key.

Asus said that the Falchion has equipped with 2.4 GHz dongle connection and declared up to 400 hours of battery life. The company has also made a transparent and removable keyboard cover that can snap onto the back of the keyboard to modify the appearance of the RGB lighting and helpful in the protection of the keyboard.

Asus’ ROG Falchion is a little bit different from Asus’ clacker that comes with wireless connectivity, but it has arrow keys. It’s really sweet to get arrow keys because it is beneficial and no doubt a gift for the PC users.

Asus ROG Keyboard, Asus' ROG Falchion a Wireless Gaming Keyboard

ASUS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - ROG Strix Scope TKL | Cherry MX Brown Switches

ANTI-GHOSTING - 100% anti-ghosting with super-fast response, onboard memory, on-the fly macro keyboard recordings, Windows lock key for uninterrupted video games sessions – it’s got it all!

Though it has a 65% keyboard layout, this Asus’ new keyboard is still very small, which will be very userfriendly during gaming as it gives some space for your mouse on the desk. The RGB lighting is another benefit on top, and you will access some useful keys as secondary functions.

This mini smart keyboard is powered with a customizable interactive touch panel, which can be better used as a volume slider.

Pricing doesn’t when you are going to facilitate yourself with the blessings of technology and the smart users are fully aware of the reality.

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