KFC Chicken Bucket Gaming Console Trolled PS5 and Xbox Series X

by Rustam Iqbal

There is a very popular question on the web that which console is going to take a major place in 2021? Both Sony and Xbox have released their designs and specifications of upcoming consoles and they are going to release them by the end of this month. But with these two tech giants there we have something interesting from the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, recently they have posted their upcoming console teaser video which is going to give Xbox Series X and PS5 a tough competition. This console is trending on Twitter and gaming fans are interested to know much about it.

At some time in the past, one of the most popular food brands KFC launched their gaming account on Twitter and Instagram where they used to troll tech trends and products. Starting from the bottom side of the console there is a DVD or Blu-Ray player and a power button with some red effects. Above that, you will find a KFConsole logo with some Red color lights integrated on it. The looks of this console are attractive as it has matte black color on the body with some lights. The company has not revealed the specification of this amazing product yet.

With that look, this console is capable to run games on 4k resolution with 120 frame rates which most of the current generation consoles lack. Cross compatibility is one of the key features we can see in the video launched by the company. Also, there are some users discussing that this console will store data in a new form namely chicken bites. So that’s all about the console but the thing where it all ends is the chicken chamber grills which are shown at the end of this video. Of course, it’s not a console but a chicken grilling machine that even doesn’t exist.

KFC is just trolling the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X which are not on trending in users as both of them are going to release soon and it’s just a marketing strategy. And also it’s not the first time they are doing this because if we look into the past there are several examples that companies do this to promote their own products. Even KFC did this several times as firstly we saw a drone box by KFC, then a Bitcoin box in 2017 when Bitcoin was on-trend, even a dinner box which had a built-in phone charger and much more. There are hundreds of more examples like this and now a day it’s going too common to troll current trends.

KFC Chicken Bucket Gaming Console Trolled PS5 and Xbox Series X

The presence of KFC in tech and gaming is not that much but the company released some games related to the food and dinner category. The first game I would like to mention is The Hard Way which is a VR game released by KFC in which you have to escape from a room. The game genre is the simulation and it’s related to food type things and worth it if you like to play VR games. The next game released by this company is I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Which is a dating finger-licking simulator game and is available through Steam. So if you like eating their burgers and other products give their games a try too.

On Twitter, some users are making fun of this console War while there are some users who are taking it much seriously. Both companies released most of the details regarding the next generation consoles and a few days ago PlayStation 5 design and some general details were announced by Sony. Also, some users are claiming that they saw this console for pre-order on some stores of Amazon however it is not confirmed yet. The current price of PlayStation 5 is expected to be $499 while from Microsoft Xbox Series X price tag is not revealed yet.

KFC Chicken Bucket Gaming Console Trolled PS5 and Xbox Series X

I saw some folks taking this seriously on these social media platforms and asking about the specifications and details about this console. For all of them, it’s just a marketing strategy and they are not going to release any gaming console in the future. Stick with the discussion you are doing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox one as both of them are going to be released near Christmas and coming with great surprises. There are already some details leaked regarding the games they are getting with their release so take a look at them if you are interested and share your opinion with us as we are looking for our user’s reviews.

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