NVIDIA Could Try To Convince People For Buying RTX 3080; A Hint By Steam Hardware

by Rustam Iqbal

NVIDIA is maintaining its density in the market through its RTX 3000 series, but now the terms and conditions are quite different for NVIDIA and its users. Based on the present nick, a postulate is presented by the steam hardware. Undeniably, NVIDIA is the King-Kong of the graphic cards in the market. These graphics cards are the accomplishment of performance and their features as well on the earmark.

A questionnaire was held by steam hardware; a statement was established based on this questionnaire that soon RTX 3080 will be eradicated from the market if its merchandising would not be done correctly. NVIDIA has to fight for the users.

Recently steam hardware broadcast a piece of news that was constructed entirely through a survey. This survey gives us cons and pros for NVIDIA one because it provides us with an amazing idea of a kit PC that gamer's use. The consequences drawn-out reveal that the NVIDIA is in troubleshooting for their graphic cards; they are struggling to convince their users to buy the RTX 3000 series GPUs.

While battling with this landscape, a piece of news appears as a miracle for the NVIDIA. As of August 2020, NVIDIA was influencing their users with their massive graphic cards. These graphic cards are sponsored with the best usage. 73.82% was simply held by the respondents, a GPU from team green.

This survey only threw the results of being disowned by the users, but the facts and figures were not presented. It was a general assumption that might be due to some rivalry as AMD was roaming in the market with its name. But after the survey, it was evident that AMD is still fighting for making its mark with 16.25%.

This questionnaire opens up some unbelievable results: the INTEL's graphic cards, which were quite uniquely disclosed by this survey, that only 9.8% of respondents were running this hardware.

This conclusion was dependent on 11.18% steam users massively followed by the GTX 1050 Ti. until now, NVIDIA is earning on their famous GeForce GTX 1060 graphic cards. The GTX 1050 Ti is further associated with the GTX 1050.

This landscape was a significant disappointment for NVIDIA, a highly rated internet web as the VG24/7 website points out, posted that the company is facing this trouble in merchandise due to their last released generation of the RTX 2000 series, which consisted of steam gamer's. NVIDIA should keep struggling until the king wears its crown again.

We cannot construct a statement based on this survey as this survey comprises the respondents who willingly participate in this questionnaire. This conduction of steam hardware and software covered only those PC gamer's who were active steam users.

A down drop results of RTX 2060 with 2.88% users running this software in the market. The RTX 2000 series was highly dropped by the time. This generation of NVIDIA is not even on the 7th place in the market. The RTX 2070 super, RTX 2070, and the RTX 2060 super listened among the top 20 graphic cards, but that interestingly happened because it contains only GTX 1000 series and the GTX 900 cards.

Some Challenges and opportunities

Although the struggle is real to get the place back, the GTX 1000 series GPUs owned the name back to NVIDIA. It is a significant survival for the NVIDIA due to the commanding GTX 1000 series. These cards still have the power to leave a mark; that’s why their users have not taken the risk to move on RTX 3000 GPU than RTX 2000 owners.

The performance of both series of the NVIDIA is not impressive. The brand new series of NVIDIA is very patient about the up-gradation, and they are highly boosted for this. They are truthfully saying that users are waiting anxiously for the upgrade.

NVIDIA is continuously justifying their RTX 3000 series; they face problems giving assurance to the users about the benefits of this series. It is very intriguing as NVIDIA has a significant population at their GTX 1000 series, but RTX 2000 and RTX 3000 series proves to be a drag.

One more reason for the unfortunate occurrence of the series is the price. The previous series was influenced by the affordable prices that attract the users as they have both the features, performance, and budget in a single stroke.

The GTX 1060 is so famous; there are two logic's for its popularity: its excellent scheme and the other is the budget-loving prices.its not serendipity that RTX 2000 GPU verb check the RTX 2060.

The RTX 2000 is still on the upper position than RTX 3000 series because it is feasible with moderate GPUs, which listed it among the top 20. The best featured RTX 2080 fails to hold a place in the top 20 as only 1 % of respondents installed it on their PCs, and once again, steam is standing there for calculation.

As the population believes in the steam survey, it is unfortunate for the RTX 3000 and RTX 3090 because gamer's only choose the steams survey products. The RTX 3000 fails to stand on this survey and is not showing attentiveness to its sophisticated GPUs.

Yet, RTX 3070 balances its survival due to its cost-efficient GPU, and NVIDIA does not disclose its RTX 3060. But in the end, NVIDIA is still controlling GPU’s sales, but the company is trying to play the A card to sell next-generation cards. Some improvements and affordable prices will bring them up.

Rustam Iqbal

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