Best RAMs for Ryzen 7 2700x

Best RAMs for Ryzen 7 2700x

by Rustam Iqbal

No matter what the goals of your PC, fitting the best RAM is very important. But the question is what type of RAM you should choose for your smart PC installation. We are here to discuss the importance of quality RAM, the points to look for while buying a RAM, these modules are based on perimeters of best ram for Ryzen 2700x. So let’s take a start.

While choosing a RAM for your PC, some features are essential to consider; the first one is the type of RAM; the computer memory has developed over the years to become larger and faster. RAM commonly runs by the DDR monitor. DDR5 is still at some space on the horizon, so at present, DDR4 is the cream of the crop and provides huge capacities and lightning speeds. So DDR4 is a must for speeding up your super-smart PC.

The second feature is the size, which does matter. Most of the PCs arrive with either 8GBs or 16GBs of RAM. 8GBs are probably fine home and office work, while 16GBs work awesome for the gamers and PCs that are used for intensive applications. Although fixing more than 16GBs in computers will make a very slight difference in performance.

Some RAM kits also have a vast variety of various clock speeds, e.g. 2400MHz, 3000MHz, and 3200MHz. High speed is also an essential factor in PC performance. Another thing to look for in a RAM is the timing of the memory chips, particularly the CAS latency. It is for how long it takes for RAM to access a particular set of data.

Our Recommendations For Ryzen 7 2700x

Award Design Modal Retailer
Best Fastest Ram for Ryzen 2700x CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO Black CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO Black Check price
Best Flagship Ram for Ryzen 2700x CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO White CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO White Check price
G.SKILL's Best Ram for Ryzen 2700x G.SKILL Flare X Series G.SKILL Flare X Series Check price
Best Mid-Price Ram for Ryzen 2700x Corsair VENGEANCE LPX Corsair VENGEANCE LPX Check price
Best Mid-Range Ram for Ryzen 2700x G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series Check price
Best Budget-Friendly Ram for Ryzen 2700x XPG SPECTRIX D60G XPG SPECTRIX D60G Check price

Best Fastest Ram for Ryzen 2700x - CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO Black


Corsair has a good reputation in PC circles for its quality performance and their Vengeance RGB PRO is totally unmatched; made of high-quality silicone with no exception, its black color also makes it prominent the multi lights which look very impressive. Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 is capable of overclocking and lights up your PC with fascinating, high-powered, individually usable, and lively multi-zone RGB lighting, along with the unique and best delivery in DDR4 performance.

It can also control and make each individual LED closer to immense RGB lighting effects, which is extremely wonderful. Rugged and well-built CORSAIR iCUE software brings your setup to life and colors with zestful RGB lighting control, simultaneously across all your iCUE consistent products, which includes memory, fans, keyboards, RGB LED light strip, mice, and many more. It also has a built-in heat protector for easy overclocking.

It personalizes dozens of defined lighting outlines or allocates colors to individual LEDs on various lighting coats to create and build something unique and all your own as it is the reflection of your imagination. VENGEANCE RGB PRO Series performance PCB is a ritual designed and systematically tested to develop zero compromises between speed and style.

Moreover, it is developed for high-end frequency performance on the advanced intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards; all modules are built by using precisely screened ICs for delayed and long-lasting overclocking perspective with the capacity of 16GB with 3600MHz.

The unique style of 10 ultra-bright RGB LEDs per unit lights up your surroundings and system. It will let your imaginations go untamed and allow you to imagine and create unique designs and effects with total command over each individual LED. Overall the product is excellent but it’s up to you whether you utilize its features in a proper way.

Let’s take a quick look at its pros and cons;

The Pros

Low latency.

High memory speed for extra fast access

LEDs can be synchronized across modules.

Improved overclocking perspective due to quality heat protection.

The Cons

It is a little bit expensive

The size of the modules is large

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Best Flagship Ram for Ryzen 2700x - CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO White


CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO Series DDR4 is kind of the same version of the black one with a color difference having most of the specs and features similar. It has a memory that lights up your system. The production company has a remarkable reputation in the field because of its quality performance. It has a mesmerizing and dynamic multi-zone RGB lighting while providing the best in DDR4 version and firmness.

Every module boasts ten independently handled RGB LEDs, while the installation is very simple and hassle-free because of wireless design. It has a capacity of 16GB with 3200MHz. Take authority with CORSAIR iCUE software and entirely modify every module’s lighting to go with the system, or making it easy to synchronize lighting around all your CORSAIR products with Light LINK.

A conventional designed PCB provides signal quality at its peak for the high level of performance and solidity on the advanced AMD and Intel DDR4 motherboards. The ICs that are mostly screened unlock higher-level overclocking. Moreover, its white color enhances its beauty and makes it a premium product.

Besides this, it is custom designed and thoroughly tested to provide extensively zero compromises on its high-level speed and unique style of twinkling lights that can be the reason for attraction. It is also optimized for upgraded frequency performance on AMD DDR4 motherboards and advanced Intel. Each component is made by using keenly screened ICs for the long-lasting potential of overclocking.

Take a sharp look at its pros and cons;

The Pros

1.2 SPD Voltage.

Advanced software.

Dynamic multi-zone RGB lighting.

Screened memory speed 2133MHz.

The Cons

It's a little bit pricey

Modules are large in size

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G.SKILL's Best Ram for Ryzen 2700x - G.SKILL Flare X Series

G.SKILL Flare X Series Check Price

The product is designed for the AMD Ryzen processor family, the Flare X Series DDR4 memory has its unique design and the kit points to the turn of the mythological Flare memory that conveys out-class performance in the earlier generation of DDR memory. One who wants to upgrade their upcoming AMD setup into the classic gaming platform or a robust workstation with the Flare X Series DDR4 memory.

While facing many ups and downs, the new AMD building features a whole unique set of memory elements, asking a new approach. The Flare X Series is designed explicitly with well-defined attributes to boost compatibility with the latest and advanced AMD Ryzen platforms.

The available memory speeds starting from DDR4-2133MHz, the Flare X Series, provide high-quality speed memory presentation to deliberately convey data for all the cores on AMD Ryzen processors. This specific kit 2x8GB modules total 16GB and can also be bought in various sizes and various clock speeds. Every single Flare X memory kit has been officially tested under G.SKILL’s rigorous testing procedure for making the best results on your AMD setup.

It has a memory speed of 3200MHz, with a Cas latency of level 14. It is designed with a very low voltage of 1.2V-1.35V at DDR4 standard; this will bring down the memory voltage needed by 20%by DDR3 memory kits! The happy news is that now your system can work even faster without becoming an unaffordable heating system. Its modules were specially designed for Ryzen systems.

Yet all G.SKILL memory products arrived with a very lifetime warranty,, which is not a good option. Still, on the other hand, the product quality is good,, and the G.SKILL squad is always available to provide customers with full technical support through an online forum, email, and telephone.

However, there are no more flashy LEDs, and they come in a vast variety of colors. But we have nothing much to do with the looks,, and with big heat excess, this incredible memory is undoubtedly a dream for overclockers.

The Pros

Advanced software.

Dynamic colorful RGB lighting.

Maximum response times and bandwidth.

High-speed memory performance starting from DDR4-2133MHz.

The Cons

A little bit expensive.

Somehow failed in hammer test.

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Best Mid-Price Ram for Ryzen 2700x - Corsair VENGEANCE LPX


Vengeance LPX memory is specially designed for high-class performance overclocking. The heat transmitter is purely made by aluminum for quick and faster heat dissipation. The special eight-layer PCB is responsible for managing heat and provides higher-level overclocking headroom. Each IC is, however, individually screened for high-performance potential.

The DDR4 form factor is developed for advanced intel 100 series motherboards and propose high-rise frequencies, exceptional bandwidth, and low power consumption than DDR3 modules. Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules are affinity tested around 100 series motherboards for reliable and fast performance. There is XMP 2.0 support for hassle-free automatic overclocking. And they are also available in unique and various colors to match your motherboard, your elements, or just your choice.

It is also compatible with various intel series such as; Intel 100 series, Intel 200 series, Intel 300 series, Intel X299, AMD 300 series, AMD 400 series. The SPD speed is 2133MHz, while the memory speed is 667 MHz. Its black color look elegant and unique due to its dark reflection. The product dimensions are 6.1 x 3.54 x 0.39 inches. The voltage is around 1.35 volts.

These are all champion overclockers, high-class setup builders, and those who have gaming passion trust Corsair for high-end performance memory that can be installed with trust and satisfaction. The lower form factor makes it perfect for low-scale cases or any setup where internal space is at a premium. On the other hand, the best thing is your precious investment is safe, a limited lifetime warranty backs all the memory products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Here are key pros and cons of this product;

The Pros

Its budget-friendly.

Remarkable heat dissipation for overclocking

Extreme high-speed with a 3200MHz clock speed

Compatible with all latest AMD and Intel motherboards

The Cons

No RGB effects.

Limited warranty time.

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Best Mid-Range Ram for Ryzen 2700x - G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series

G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series Check Price

So here we are with ram that comes with beautiful vibrant RGB LEDs, combined with the award-winning Trident Z heat spreader design, establish with the highest quality elements. The Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory kit unites the most graphic RGB lighting with immovable performance.

The unwrap light bar is designed for visual optic gratification in full RGB. The default lighting supports a full liquid variety of rainbow waves. The software is easily downloadable and allows expanded effect and color choices to the memory modules.

Trident Z RGB maintains the conventional Trident Z lineup’s iconic design, having expensive hair-line finished aluminum heat spreaders, a hostile fin design for highly well-organized heat dissipation, and a broad light diffuser over the top for excessive lighting effects, which gives a PC a modern and stylish look.

A custom engineered ten-layer PCB offers maximum signal security, and each kit is thoroughly tested across a broad range of motherboards. Every single memory kit has special screened ICs through the G.Skill unique selection procedure.

The best thing about having RGB capacity is able to choose the colors according to your style. Whether it changes color either white on one day and green on the next, you can be confirmed these modules will look classy and modern in any build.

Moreover, it has a 16GB DDR4 dual channel kit from G.Skill Trident Z RGB range. Two similar 8GB modules that can run at speed up to 3000MHz (PC4-24000), 288 pins, timings of CL16 (16-18-18-38) at 1.35 voltage. Also it is backed by a lifetime warranty. It is specifically designed for the Intel Z270 Kaby Lake platform.

Here are some pros and cons of RAM.

The Pros

High-rated memory modules.

Extremely suitable for high-overclocking.

Ten-layer PCB offers maximum signal security

RGB lights are lively, and it goes with most RGB setups

The Cons

It’s expensive.

Not dust proof.

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Best Budget-Friendly Ram for Ryzen 2700x - XPG SPECTRIX D60G


XPG D60G offers a new path to relish the privilege of customization. Our distinctive dual RGB heatsink design intensifies the product, XPG D60G now can extend your RGB lighting effects to a supplementary extent. It offers you a new episode of customization.

Our D60 memory is technically engineered with Intel XMP 2.0 and is also competing with the advanced AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors on AMD X570 motherboards. Every memory stick is made with high-quality chips with a fully automatic processing unit to ensure its quality performance and longevity.

Increased RGB lighting effect gives extended fun in your way. The fastest way to enhance your setup performance is to add more and advanced memory. XPG’s highest quality memory is the best option for that purpose. But on the other hand, make sure your system can handle this much speed or not.

It supports speed at 3000MHz, CL 16-20-20 3200MHz CL 16-20-20 3600MHz CL 17-18-18 / CL 18-20-20 4133MHz CL 19-19-19 / CL 19-23-23, and voltage is 35V-1.4V plus it also has a limited lifetime warranty.

It also consumes less power than earlier generation DDR3 memory.

Besides this, it supports the new Intel x299 platform and AMD X570 chipset; it is fully customized with extended RGB surface and also compatible with ADATA Sync and software from most of the significant M/B makers. It has ultra-low latency CL-14 with a beautiful diamond cut design and an edgy X-light, multi-faced surface with a cut above the rest, which simply outshine the competition.

The D60 sports more extraordinary RGB lighting per mm2 than any other module out there, 9,497mm2, which is the exact figure. That is associated with over 60% of the surface area of the module. You can also set up patterns, speed, pulse, lighting intensity, and much more according to your gaming programs.

Here are some true pros and cons of the product.

The Pros

Reasonable price

Extended warranty

Synchronized lighting effects

Offer top-notch performance with excellent speed

The Cons

Tricky to install

Plastic heat spreader.

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As everyone knows, it can be grinding to find the best RAM for Ryzen 2700x processor however, with our practical guide, we are trying to provide you an unbiased and experience based performance to make a good deal for your smart PC installation. All the products we talk about exceptional performance at an extensive range of unit prices. Especially CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO Black/white, G.SKILL Flare X series, and Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB are most reasonable and compatible RAM. Give them a try; you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RAM is best for Ryzen 2700x?

Speed and timings of the RAM are very important for Ryzen because of the immense fabric used to connect the two CCXs (CPU complex), which has a large impact on memory latency bandwidth. Generally, G.Skill Flare X 16 GB 3200 MHz RAM with CL 14 is the best option for the price-to-price performance ratio. And you will also see an incredible performance for every increase in clock speed. It has a height of 40mm. This kit is an excellent option, especially when you prefer timings and frequency.

Does Ryzen 7 2700x support 3600MHz RAM?

Very likely not, you can run it at least 3200MHz CL 14 on Ryzen 2700x, and it will do good on Ryzen 3000 series, or maybe it can work on 3600 CL 16 on tough timings. You may run it faster at 2700X but not at 3600MHz, but possibly up to 3466MHz CL 14. The XPG SPECTRIX D60G is the product that can help you in this case. I thought it would be less of a hassle to carry the ram that suits.

Is 3200MHz RAM good for Ryzen 7 3700x?

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB is the best choice and compatible with B450/X470 Motherboards. It has been concluded that 3200MHz CL 14 has the fastest timings of memory for Ryzen Zen 2 comparatively to 3600MHz CL 17, and on paper, it's 3733MHz CL 17. The conclusion of HardwareLuxx is recently against this, or at the minimum for the Ryzen 7 3700X.

Is 3000mhz RAM good for Ryzen 2700x?

We recommend you go for either 3200MHz with relatively higher latency of 15-16, or just get 3000MHz low latency RAM.3000MHz on Ryzen currently appealing to hit. For Ryzen to 3200MHz or 3000 MHz is insubstantial, make sure the 3000 MHz has timings at 16 or underneath(for the CAS particularly). Because for more massive tasks like gaming and extending, memory speed plays an essential role for Ryzen. 2133MHz is adequate only for web and word processing. So we got a conclusion that Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO is a good option, and one should go for it.

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