Smallest ATX Cases

Smallest ATX Cases

by Rustam Iqbal

Computer cases are optional for any build because you can also mount components on your table. Although it can give you some unnecessary pain because cases can prevent your system from liquid, bugs and insects. Moreover, these cases are designed with technology that offers the best airflow throughout the PC and has dust filters and cable management system. So, you might get the point that having a case for you is essential. As of 2020, the trend of building compact builds is on its peak and streamers, and office workers usually go with dual PC setup and use small form factor side-computer.

Usually, computer cases are categorized into four major categories according to their sizes. Small ATX case takes less space on your desk and gives you the same features and options as of ATX cases. There are hundreds of PC cases available in the market, and all come in different sizes, looks and options. Selecting the right gaming case for your build can create confusions, and of course, you can’t buy every single case and start giving them tries. That’s why we had spent a lot of time in reviewing some of the best smallest PC cases you can get for your next upcoming build and compiled a list of best choices.

So, there are several advantages and disadvantages to getting a small computer case. Sometimes small form factor computers cost you more than any full tower ATX build. For some cases, you can’t install multiple graphics cards because of the mini-ITX motherboards. If so, they will become much hotter and noisy because of the compact size. While on the other side these cases occupy less space and fit best for dual PC setups. With their small size, they offer the same number of ports and the same options as of any full tower case. So that’s all about these small cases and let’s start with the first one.

These are some of the best smallest ATX cases with all functions and options available in full tower ATX cases. The only thing is that they don’t offer extra space as of full-tower cases and are compact and can be used for small form factor builds. Without doing further ado, let’s start with our first Cooler Master case.

Our Recommendations For ATX

Award Design Modal Retailer
The All Rounder TOP PICK Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Check price
2019 Red Dot Award Winner Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Check price
Best High Airflow ATX Case CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB Check price
Best Small ATX Case Fractal Design Meshify C Fractal Design Meshify C Check price
Best Slim ATX Case STAFF PICK Thermaltake Core G3 Thermaltake Core G3 Check price
Best for Minimalistic Builds NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1 NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1 Check price
Best Looking ATX Case Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Check price
Best Budget ATX Case BUDGET Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG Check price

The All Rounder - Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

TOP PICK Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Check Price

Cooler Master is one of the best brands in term of computer casings and power supply units. HAF XB EVO is the smallest ATX casing you can get for your upcoming build from Cooler Master. The build material used in this casing is steel, polymer and mesh front bezel. It comes in black color, which gives it an attractive look loved by gamers. The height, width and depth of Cooler Master HAF XB EVO are 13, 17.4 and 16.7 inches respectively. This casing comes with a removable top and side panel, which makes it a solid choice, and you can easily install or remove components in it.

There has a removable tray which allows you to install and remove the Motherboard easily. You can install ATX, Micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards on it and can install multiple graphics cards. There is a large size cut on the top of this casing which allows you to use any CPU cooler with it. There are two X-Dock bays which you can easily swap in or out to install hard drives. This computer casing supports 180mm cooler and a 334mm graphics card. Some key features of this case are it has a carrying handle, some liquid cooler holes, meshed front and top panel and dust removing filters.

The built quality of this casing is good enough, but the plastic stabs on the front panel might break easily. This case is best for LAN gamers because of its small size and side handle; however, its weights 18 lb, which is a bit high from other lightest cases available in the market. This casing has a unique cube type shape which separates it from all other cases available in the market.

Overall, this casing is good for its price and gives you all options you need for your build though there are some other choices too if you consider light or low cost, this one can be used as an all-purpose case.

The Pros

Good build quality.

Unique cube-like shape.

Removable top and side panels.

Lightweight best for LAN gamers.

The Cons

Plastic stabs on the front panel are easily breakable.

It’s lightweight but still heavier than other small cases.

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2019 Red Dot Award Winner - Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M

Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Check Price

There we have another Cooler Master case for you which looks gorgeous and is best in its class. MasterCase SL600M is built with high-quality aluminium and have all the premium feature an enthusiast PC demands. The colour scheme of this case is silver, and the interior is coloured with black, which gives it an attractive look. The airflow system of this case is high enough, and it can efficiently cool down high-end CPUs. Also, with that cooling, you are not going to listen to the noise of fans even under full load because they are set up in such a way to make noise at the minimum level.

MasterCase SL600M support every type of motherboard including mini-ITX to extended ATX, having nine expansion slots. This Motherboard doesn’t have fans mounting space on front or rear panel; instead, it has on top and bottom side. On the top side you can install up to two 140mm fans and one 200mm fan, and on the bottom, there is mounting space of two 200mm fans. This fans arrangement gives the best airflow within the case and cool down all your components. You can install two 3.5 inches hard drives and up to eight 2.5 inches hard drives on it. For graphics cards, there is enough space and you can also use any big size CPU cooler, up to 191mm in height with this chassis.

This chassis is best for you if you don’t like noisy fans or your PC mostly runs on high load. It comes with modular I/O design having one USB 3.1 Type-C port and several high-speed USB ports on the front panel. It also has a proximity sensor which lightens up the USB ports so you can install USB cables in the dark, but it’s too sensitive. The rear side of this casing looks quite different from other chassis, and it lacks PSU remote switch and rear fan mounting space. It has seven expansion slots which are placed horizontally, and two are placed vertically. Overall, it’s the right choice for small form factor computers, but for LAN gamers it’s not the right choice. You can use it for home, gaming and office builds but if you are looking something bling there are some other choices. I would recommend you to consider this if you want a subtle look and can afford its premium price.

The Pros

Proximity Sensor.

Modular I/O design.

High-quality Aluminum build.

Minimum noise out of the cabinet.

USB Type-C port on the front panel.

The Cons

Lacks PSU remote switch.

Proximity Sensor is a bit sensitive.

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Best High Airflow ATX Case - CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB

CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB Check Price

Corsair is a top-notch Gaming peripherals brand, and the reason behind their success is top quality products and affordable prices. Crystal Series 460X RGB comes with two-panel tempered glass and three RGB SP120 fans mounted on the front panel. You might be thinking what does this SP means? Corsair fans come in two models one is specializing in Airflow AKA AF, and the other one is Static Pressure or SP and both of them are quiet and best in performance. This casing comes in black colour and is made up of steel and tempered glass. This case is engineered well and packs all of your components in the best way to give airflow and aesthetics both.

Crystal Series 460X RGB comes with seven expansion slots and supports ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards with multiple graphics cards setup. As I mentioned earlier, it comes with three pre-installed fans on front panel, one 120mm fans space on the rear side and two 140mm fans mounting area on the top side. This casing is designed in such a way to give maximum cooling to all the components inside it. There is mounting space for two 3.5 inches hard drives and three 2.5 inches SSDs or laptop-grade HDDs. You can install a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 170mm and graphics card of length 370mm.

The main plus point of this casing is two-sided tempered glass and pre-installed RGB fans, however, the RGB controller lacks turn off the function. There is limited space for cable management because of its small size. It supports three 120mm fans for the front, but you can’t install three fans 120mm radiator on it also it doesn’t support long power supplies. The number of bay drives is not enough for enthusiast builds but acceptable. Overall if you are looking for great aesthetics and cooling solution, this case is built for you. Its price is not high, just like other Corsair products and gives features which are found in premium cases. However, you can’t carry this casing as it is not built for that purpose.

The Pros

Two-sided tempered glass.

Supports multiple graphics cards.

Supports three 120mm fans on the front panel.

The Cons

Doesn’t support three fans radiator.

Limited space for cable management.

RGB controller lacks turn off the function.

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Best Small ATX Case - Fractal Design Meshify C

Fractal Design Meshify C Check Price

Fractal Design is not that popular but building their reputation among their customers from several years by giving quality products for an affordable price. Meshify C is their casing line up and its available in different colours and sizes. This particular model is coloured in black and doesn’t have side tempered glass. Its design is not going to give your PC some fancy looks, as it lacks tempered glass and design is straightforward. Fractal Design cases are cheap, but they released these lightweight models and shocked the chassis industry.

Fractal Design Meshify C is a full tower chassis and supports ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. It supports seven fans from which three can be mounted on front panel, three on top and one on the rear side. Also, this case comes with two pre-installed fans from which one is on the front side, and the other one is on the backside. This case supports two 3.5 inches and three 2.5 inches hard drives. You can install almost every CPU cooler and graphics card on it, and most of the commonly used models are fully compatible with it.

This casing fits best for ATX motherboards and has a lot of space inside it for better cooling of components and flow of air. One bad thing with this case is it’s big enough but still doesn’t support big enthusiast sized Motherboards. If you have to install three fans radiator, it might need the removal of bay drives cage. Also, it lacks side tempered glass while for a few more bucks you can get the tempered glass version of it.

So, my final words are this case has everything you are looking, comes with great features for a very affordable price. Overall, in my opinion, for any budget or mid-end build this case is an ideal piece but be in mind that you are ignoring tempered glass.

The Pros

Best for ATX motherboards.

Available in different colours and models.

This case has enough room for large heatsinks and GPUs.

The Cons

No tempered glass.

Installing fans need bay drive cage removal.

You can’t install extended ATX motherboards.

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Best Slim ATX Case - Thermaltake Core G3

STAFF PICK Thermaltake Core G3 Check Price

Thermaltake is another reputed brand providing the best value products from several years. Their products are well known for style points and usability same as of Cooler Master. Thermaltake Core G3 ATX is a slim tower case and can be used for any small form factor build. The interior and exterior of this case are coloured in black, and it is made up of steel. If you haven’t used slim cases before, you might found it strange because it’s front and rear side doesn’t look same as of mid-tower cases we usually use.

The Core G3 comes with two 120mm Turbo fans installed on the front panel. Inside the case, there are two slots for bay drives; it’s up to you either you install two 3.5 inches drives or two 2.5 inches drives. On the back of chassis, there are two expansion slots, and you can install any dual-slot graphics card, but you can’t use multiple graphics cards or PCIe x1 slots. As it is a slim size case, you can’t install big size coolers and PSUs on it, or they will conflict with the right panel. There is mounting room for the fan on the top of the case, and you can install 120mm fan which blows air on the graphics card.

Core G3 supports ATX, micro-ATX and all other motherboards; however, your GPU has to be placed vertically using e-raiser cables. You can install multiple fans on the front panel, and if you are planning to use a liquid cooler, you can also use a 240mm radiator. This case is right for LAN gamers because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Cable management, in this case, is not that good but it’s totally up to you how you manage it. Overall, this casing is best for slim or SFF builds and weighs approx. 9.3 lb which makes it best for LAN gamers and is the cheapest case in this list till now. If you are looking something that gives aesthetics as well as excellent cooling you might better go with NZXT H510.

The Pros

Attractive look.

Best for LAN gamers.

Lightweight and easy to carry.

Supports all types of motherboards.

The Cons

Only two expansion slots.

Cable management is not that good.

GPU needs to be installed vertically through e-riser cables.

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Best for Minimalistic Builds - NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1

NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1 Check Price

NZXT is very successful in selling their PC cases, they give an attractive look which is loved by every gamer. Although some users have reported that their cases are no good in term of airflow. NZXT H510 is a compact mid-tower case comes in three different colour schemes. These colour schemes match most of the latest motherboards, and you can select them according to your choice. This case gives aesthetics as well as excellent thermal and acoustic and one of the most famous lineups from the company.

NZXT H510 has seven expansion slots and supports ATX motherboards with better cable management system than other cases. The body of this case is made up of steel and tempered glass on the right side and have matte black colour throughout the case. For cooling, it supports four fans from which two are on the front panel and intakes air, one on top and one on the rear side. Also, you will get two Aer F120mm fans in the box which can be installed on the front panel. If you are super crazy about overclocking and temperatures, you can add water cooling systems and custom loops.

As I said, earlier NZXT cases are built in such a way that they limit the airflow in the case. Having metal front and glass on the side might restrict airflow in case, but if you want to get the best airflow, I would recommend you to use static pressure fans on the front panel. If you mount 140mm fan on the top side, it might block the eight-pin connector on the Motherboard. Also, the GPU holding screws setup is outdated in this case.

Overall if you prefer aesthetics and RGB, this case is made for you but the airflow is not best in its class. This case hurts with the metal front panel, and it will be more than enough if it is made up of mesh.

The Pros

Attractive look.

Great aesthetics.

Pre-installed fans.

The Cons

Metal on the front panel.

GPU handling screws are outdated.

No 140mm mounting space on top.

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Best Looking ATX Case - Cooler Master MasterCase H500P

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Check Price

We are back with another Cooler Master case, but this one comes with enough performance but also have a premium price point. The launch price of this case was high, but there is a price drop in the MSRP, and you can get it for a much low cost these days. Unlike the H510 this one has a removable mesh front, and full-size light grey tinted tempered glass which gives excellent airflow and fancy looks. This case has cables covers, CPU cutout covers and PSU shroud and also supports 360mm radiator on top or front side.

This case supports almost every motherboard, including E-ATX, which is used in enthusiast builds and cable management is also good. This case comes with two pre-installed 200mm fans and supports five fans from which two are on the front, two on top and one on the rear side. It supports graphics cards up to 412mm and can be mounted vertically using the e-raiser cables. For bay drives, there are two slots for 3.5 inches and two slots for 2.5 inches and nine expansion slots. It comes with a built-in RGB controller which allows you to control RGB lights within the case with ease.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P is an excellent case in its class but is a bit expensive and doesn’t give the best value for its price. This case has everything you want but lacks USB 3.1 Type-C port which is very common these days in gaming cases. However, it has the best and reliable cable management system, have a built-in RGB controller and efficient cooling technology. This case is not for enthusiast builds or have premium features, but still, it is priced at a premium price point. If you prefer aesthetics with best air cooling, I would recommend this case but only if you can afford it.

The Pros

Built-in RGB controller.

Efficient cooling system.

Strong cable management.

The Cons


Lacks USB Type-C port.

Doesn’t give the best value for the price.

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Best Budget ATX Case - Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG

BUDGET Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG Check Price

Masterbox series cases are famous because of their prices and features that other cases lack for the same price. We have discussed some pricy or premium Cooler Master cases in this list, but this one is a budget case and can be used for compact builds. The interior and exterior of this case are coloured in black, and there are three colour trims comes with it so you can match it with your motherboard. It has a dark mirror on the front panel and broad Acrylic side panel from which you can see RGB lights and other things inside the case.

This casing supports mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards and has good cable management system. This case supports two fans on front which intakes air and one fan on the rear side, which makes good airflow within the case. For bay drives, it has two 3.5 inches slots and one 2.5 inches slots and four expansion slots. It supports large size CPU coolers up to 158mm and graphics cards up to 380mm and supports multiple graphics cards. There is a cable rounding tray behind the motherboard which allows best cable management in the case.

This case gives an attractive look, have a sleek design, a large size glass on the right side, and you can also fit large GPUs and CPU coolers in it. This case is affordable, but there are some other cheap options too with same features set. This case doesn’t support ATX motherboards, but there is a similar model which you can get for a few more bucks.

If you are looking for budget-friendly Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX case, Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 is the best choice for you. There might be some other cheaper cases than this one, but it gives excellent value for its price.

The Pros


Best cable management system.

Supports large-size coolers and GPUs.

The Cons

Doesn’t supports ATX cases.

A bit pricy than other budget cases.

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Compact builds are useful, especially when you have less space in your room or on the table. These are some of the best ATX cases you can use for your upcoming build, and they provide excellent value for their price. Cooler Master is one of the top-notch brands in terms of casings, although their cases are bit expensive but offers the best value for the price. While if you want something similar, but for a low price there are some other brands like NZXT, Fractal Design etc. but they might lack some premium features. Also, this post is not sponsored by Cooler Master, we have reviewed some of the best smallest ATX cases and got this list and sharing our experience with you.

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