How to Clean PC Case?

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Is your computer acting weird? It might be because of the condition of your PC case. If your computer works slowly and shuts down, you must check your PC case as soon as possible because a dirty and unclean computer case can affect your PC’s efficiency. Moreover, the PC case needs proper cleaning now and then for the best results.

PC cases can catch dust and debris over time, which is bad for the system. However, you can easily clean it at home without taking it to professionals. But reading this blog to understand how it is done would be best. Now give me the go-ahead to explain why and how you should clean your PC case.

Why Should I clean my PC Case?

If you do not clean your PC case, dust and dirt will add up to making a thick layer on your case. Dust is a good insulator and will trap heat for a longer time. Consequently, it will affect PC performance. Moreover, a dirty case will always result in creating thermal issues.

Initially, your PC will work slowly to sometimes lag, but it may lead to shutting down your computer and damaging its components. To avoid this, try to clean your PC case to achieve maximum performance from your system.

When the dust coats the components of your PC, heat dissipation will be harder. Moreover, the cooling fans will not work properly, resulting in overheating of the PC. The fans will get too loud, and some tiny animals might find it a perfect space for nesting.

Physically, the accumulated dust might affect your health, like severing your allergies or sneezing. Therefore, cleaning up your PC case after three months or once or twice a year is recommended.

How to Clean PC Case?

Safety Precautions

Before cleaning your PC case, you must understand a few things for safety. So, read the safety precautions carefully to avoid any potential damage to the system and yourself.

Cut off Electric Supply to your PC

The PC case is usually safe, it may look like a combination of complex and intimidating parts, but it is safe for most parts. However, there is a potential threat inside the case called PSU or power supply unit. It is usually in a metallic box in the corner of the case.

This component is capable of generating a dangerously high voltage of electricity. Therefore, it is kept inside the box to keep other things safe. So, the first and foremost safety measurement is to cut off the electricity supply to your PC and never attempt to open the PSU case. Moreover, bringing anything metallic into contact with PSU will result in deadly electric shock.

Avoid Synthetic Clothing

The second threat to your open PC case is static electricity. It can destroy your system or at least part of it. However, you can easily avoid it by ensuring you are not wearing a 100% polyester cloth and your open PC case does not come in contact with a synthetic fabric. It would be best if you also tried using a static strap.

Wear a Dust Mask

Dust can harm your health if it is present in large quantities. It may worsen your allergies or cause a reaction. Therefore, wear a dust mask and move to a safe place far from where you eat or sleep.

How to Clean PC Case?

The cleaning process itself is very easy. However, if you want a detailed guide, let me share it the easiest way possible. Follow the following instructions till the end for a cleaner and faster PC.

● First, unplug your PC and remove all external cables and wires.

● Next, open your PC case by unscrewing the retaining screws on the sides

● Then, dust all of the internal parts of your PC with a can of compressed air. Do not go very close to the motherboard, memory, CPU, etc. Keep a few inches gap between them.

● Now it is time to clean the fans. Use some compressed air or rubbing alcohol with cotton swabs to clean the fans while holding it with the other hand. Be very careful; these fans are quite delicate. If you cannot reach the narrow parts, remove them from the case and clean them.

● Then, clean the power supply and filter underneath it with compressed air.

● Then, remove the heatsink and fan from the case and clean it thoroughly; you must clean the already present thermal grease off the heatsink and the processor. Moreover, you can use 99% isopropyl alcohol or an actual thermal material removal to remove the grease. However, it would be best if you reapplied thermal grease before reattaching it.

● Finally, finish cleaning the PC ports with compressed air and the exterior vents with rubbing alcohol.


In a nutshell, cleaning your PC case once or twice a year is very important for better performance. Moreover, it will prevent your PC from overheating and potential damage to the computer components. Lastly, a few words of advice; always use short bursts of compressed air to clean your PC case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dust dangerous for PC cases?

The filters of the PC case can be blocked by dust, resulting in overheating your PC and slowing it down.

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