Azza's Pyramid Mini 806 Is A Unique ITX PC Case

by Rustam Iqbal

There we go with Azza’s new masterpiece, ready to grab the market. Rumors tell us that it is something remarkable, especially for those who want to build their PC in a modern and fantastic way compared to a typical look of PC. The company is extremely hopeful that they made it capable of a beautiful game-changer for our PC setup.

Pyramid Mini 806 looks stylish, and you can manage your CPU box and other accessories well. It is perfectly portable without disturbing your setup. It does not only concern beauty and aesthetic looks, but it also enhances the safety and cleanliness of your precious PC.

Azza designed it with an Aluminium frame and tempered glass side panels that give a pretty clean and extremely transparent effect on the viewer.

This showcase is a mini version of Azza’s existing Pyramid 804 that offers you to keep smaller motherboards, SFX power supplies, and separate graphics cards through the enclosure's included 20cm PCIe extension cable. The dense PC case is due to release this year with an initial estimated price of €249.

Inside Azza's Pyramid Mini 806 enclosure provides a single 120mm fan, including Azza’s 120mm Hurricane II Digital RGB fan. The mini Pyramid has a front I/O panel that supports two 2.5-inch drives, which features an HD Audio connector, a single USB Type-A connection, and power/reset buttons in its stock configuration.

May this case would not remain functional on the market, but it is quite successful in its design goals. Deu to its quality hardware, it could be the most prominent element of your gaming setup. Big hands to its ITX form factor sits within a relatively small 435mm x 368mm x 368mm form factor.

If you want to get a subtle change in your PC’s external looks, it may surely satisfy your aesthetic sense.

Rustam Iqbal

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