Corsair Replacing SF Series PSUs After Investigating a Premature Failure

by Rustam Iqbal

Corsair is a top-notch computer casing, and power supplies brand and providing high-quality products to its customers for several years. There we have something wrong for you if you have built a small form factor PC in the past few months with the Corsair SF series PSU, although you don’t worry about it because the company also launched a free volunteer program.

Corsair SF Series PSUs give great value for their price, but recently the company finds somethings potentially wrong in those PSUs are replacing them for free. These PSUs can lead to a premature failure when placed under high temperature and humidity. You might already know that both of these things are the worst enemy of electronic products.

This problem is not just for the U.S soil as there are some foreign importers and retailers, including Ask Corporation, and Links International has issued a recall on all imported version of these PSUs.

There is nothing perfect in electronics, no matter if it’s made by human hands or by machines, and there could be several reasons for the failure of electronics products. Corsair investigated this problem with all power supplies with lot code 194448xx to 201148xx and all those power supplies shipped after October. If you have an SF series PSU with batch code under this range, you are eligible for the replacement of your PSU.

Corsair SF Series PSUs

That’s all for those power supplies shipped after October 2019, but if you bought a PSU before that period you don’t have to worry about it. For those who purchased these power supplies recently, make sure that the lot code is from the range mentioned above or not.

According to corsair:

“This problem can be apparent as soon as the unit is powered on for the first time, or manifest over time as the unit is exposed to a range of environmental conditions.”

This issue is not going to impact the hardware connected to your PC as if the fault occurs because its primary section is entirely isolated from the DC side.

This technical issue could be caused when you first boot up your PC or runs it under high loads. If you have built a small form factor PC in the past few months, then there are chances that you might be using these PSUs.

Corsair SF Series PSUs

If you have a PSU with code under faulty lot numbers, then Corsair will give you an advance replacement unit, so you were not left alone without power supply. The company will ask you for replacement on their own you don’t have to pay a single penny even the shipment. All you have to do is request a replacement ticket, and it’s not that difficult. Check the code mentioned on a sticker on your PSU if you have a faulty batch code then submit a ticket on their website.

It seems that all of the power supplies shipped in the last one year will cause this problem. You are going to experience this if running your PSU under high temperature and humidity. We all know both of these are the worst enemies of electronic products. The overall quality of Corsair products is good enough that they can handle these type of things and prevent your PC from damages.

If you have PSU from this series and want to submit a ticket, you have to go to the link there and submit a ticket with the batch code so that the company confirms that your PSU is faulty. No matter if your PSU is causing problems or not, I would recommend you ask for a replacement because it can cause the problem at any time.

This is not the first time as these electronic products are not ideal and can cause many problems. But with 3 years of warranty, you were eligible for replacing the wrong units and companies do this for free.

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