MSI Just Revealed The Important Details About The Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh CPUs.

by Rustam Iqbal

Isn’t it interesting that MSI accidentally leaked details about Intel's CPUs upcoming 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh in a training video on its YouTube channel? However, later on, the video has been taken private and is not open to the public.

 Raptor Lake-S Refresh

We know that are expected to launch soon, and they're looking really efficient but high in cost. The latest Geekbench leak shows that the Intel Core i9-14900K has a single-thread score of 3,347, which is 17% higher than the Core i9-13900K. This is a significant increase, and it suggests that the 14th-Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh processors can offer a massive performance boost over the 13th-Gen Alder Lake processors, especially in single-threaded tasks.

Here is the Geekbench 6 speed Score for comparison with previous generations.

Geekbench 6 Score

This suggests that 14th-generation CPUs could be a good upgrade for those who need immense performance, especially for multithreaded tasks like video editing, rendering, and other heavy tasks

However, the multi-threaded performance boost is not as significant as expected, so upgrading from a current-gen CPU may not be worth it for most users.

These are the expected price tags for 14th Gen Raptor-Lake-S Refresh Processors. We can compare them with 13th-gen prices as well.

14th Gen CPUs Price Tags

In fact, the KF model is essentially the same as the K model, but it lacks integrated graphics and is therefore slightly more affordable.

After looking at the predicted prices, you can look at the Specifications Intel will offer for the next-gen CPUs.

Intel Desktop Core Series Specifications

To be more aware, you may like to explore the other important specifications of the upcoming table based on information from various channels/sources and leaks, and it is likely to be accurate.

I14th Gen CPUs Other SPECS

Videocardz reports that the processors will be launched on October 17th, which is just a month away. However, Intel has not confirmed this date, but Videocardz is well-known for having a good track record of accurately predicting launch dates close to launch.

Finally, the question arises, whether we should upgrade or not our systems with 14th gen CPUs. The answer is just to wait and watch how others get experience with it and read reviews of the early buyers to evaluate its price-to-performance value.

The most tricky question! Whether we should make a quick purchase and upgrade our systems with 14th-generation CPUs or wait for real-time results, the answer is very straightforward. In my opinion, to avoid a bad experience, it is better to wait and observe others' experiences and read unbiased reviews of the early buyers to evaluate its price to performance value.

Always keep an eye on the market news like smart buyers:)

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