Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

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Gamers always find ways to up their skill level and perform better in the sessions but the major obstacle they face is the keyboard’s speed. The majority of gamers often ask me, are mechanical keyboards better for gaming? But I cannot answer this Atlantic-like question in a few words. To some extent, yes, they are better for gaming. Gaming requires quick responsible tools, so you must consider the aspect of having a good keyboard as a significant factor.

It is true that keyboards play a prominent role in gaming such as speed, customization, and other features. But some claim that mechanical keyboards are not made for gaming after the arrival of gaming keyboards. Well, the argument seems logical but if we go deeper, the mechanical keyboards are ideal ones. They are engineered for all kinds of activities as well as typing, programming, or gaming.

When I present my above statement, people ask how mechanical keyboards are such an ideal device. The straightforward answer is the structure; switches, keycaps, PCB to the controller, and springs. All these parts are versatile and best not only for gaming but also for programming. Let’s say you are a gamer as well you like to write blogs about games. Here you need two keyboards, one for gaming and another for typing.

But you can solve this problem with the help of a mechanical keyboard. Mostly, people buy gaming keyboards for entertainment and regular or membrane keyboards for other activities. However, they can get similar results with mechanical keyboards. I am not claiming that mechanical keyboards are the best in the universe, what I mean to say, they are versatile. One can use them for multiple purposes. Now I will tell you why they are better for gaming.


The major reason for using the mechanical keyboard is the quick response. Basically, there are multiple factors that are responsible for the high speed; actuation force, reset point, tactile feedback, and key rollover. The actuation force is the energy one requires to register the key. Here comes an interesting fact: mechanical keyboards require less actuation force.

You may not believe it until I provide you with the original reason why mechanical keyboards are faster than others. They require less actuation force because of their switch mechanism. As you push the button, the stem of the key is pushed down by force and there is a spring that provides considerable resistance before it reaches the below point. As a result, the mechanical keyboard provides tactile feedback and requires less duration and less force.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Reset Point

Then comes the quick reset point: a process in which the key finishes the job and comes back to its original position. Maybe you find it strange but as a matter of fact, the reset point creates a significant difference in gaming. Picture this: you are in an open-world shooting game where every millisecond matters. Just a simple delay of pressing a key can eliminate you from the game. A man comes in front of you and fires.

You tried to defend and pressed a key to bend down but because of the slow reset point, the key took an extra millisecond and the opponent killed you. It is the harsh reality that gaming is a world where you need quick reflexes and if you have the ability to perform something but the keyboard does not allow you, all efforts are useless. Well, you might understand why a reset point has a major role in gaming and fast rest point can prevent you from losing.

But the question may pop up in your mind: how does the reset point of a mechanical keyboard work? The reset point methodology depends upon four steps from pressing a key to experiencing tactile feedback. Here is a cycle I have mentioned so you understand it thoroughly.

  1. You press a key on the board, let’s say “A”.
  2. There is a part called the stem, it goes down and causes a compression of the spring which is under the switch.
  3. Then the stem hits the bottom to trigger the keystroke.
  4. After the key registers, you will feel tactile feedback.

In these four steps, a key has registered and the button is still there, under the pressure. See these further steps.

  1. Just right after the tactile feedback, the spring which is inside the cover takes the stem back to its resting position.
  2. Then the switch goes back to the reset point.
  3. The cycle is complete and the button is ready to press again.

The procedure I have explained in simple language occurs within milliseconds. We do not often experience or focus on this procedure but if you are looking for a keyboard for gaming, you must have a basic understanding of how the mechanical keyboard works and its unique process of dealing with the keys. Well, I have explained two factors, speed, and reset point but there are other aspects you must focus on.

Key Rollover

It is probably the most important feature a mechanical keyboard offers. Key rollover is a term that refers to a function of the mechanical keyboard. I will tell you an example so you understand it more easily. Imagine you are playing a racing game and the car is going forward. Suddenly a corner comes and you have to turn right. If you release the speed button and press the button for turning right, the car’s speed will slow and other racers will pass you.

But if you press both keys; to speed up and turn right, the car will not allow other people to win the game. This function of multiple keys at the same moment is called key rollover. The mechanical keyboards provide an N-key rollover. If you do not know, it allows people to register countless keys at the same moment. Another feature, anti-ghosting looks after every key you press is registered or not.

Is It Fine To Use A Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming?

The above features prove that using a mechanical keyboard for gaming is not only good but the best decision. The keyboard provides ample speed, quick reset, and multiple keys at the same moment. There are also other features such as customization and wireless commands. But these three major properties of a mechanical keyboard are highly significant for better gaming.

But you should also consider that one who is determined to get satisfying results from a mechanical keyboard must check his typing speed. Plus, sometimes a few devices, tools, and machines are not made for us. They do not match our personality or we never consider them suitable. So, if you have a past problem with mechanical keyboards, you may never like them but overall they are better for gaming.


It does not matter how hard you try if the keyboard is unsuitable. The right keyboard is one that satisfies your needs and fulfills requirements, not one which is faster and provides a good feel. However, mechanical keyboards are good enough for gaming. First, they are versatile, then, they provide ample speed and last, they allow you to register multiple keys at the same moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of keyboard is best for gaming?

The keyboards have so many categories such as membrane keyboards, gaming or mechanical and regular boards. But which is the best depends upon a subjective experience; mechanical and gaming keyboards are best.

Are mechanical keyboards good for FPS?

Yes, they are better for gaming as they offer quick reset, allow us to press multiple keys at the same time, and increase the command speed by fast signal processing. So, using a mechanical keyboard for gaming is a good decision.

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