Gaming Keyboard Vs Regular Keyboard

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Have you ever sat at the computer, hovered your fingers on the keyboard, and thought “Is this keyboard suitable for me?”. If the first thought is ‘No’, then you must ponder about the keyboard you are using because there is a great debate among tech professionals regarding this problem. Some claim that regular keyboards are worthy to use while others have gaming keyboards and consider them the best.

But in this healthy discussion, no one focuses on the differences and similarities between gaming and regular keyboards. One is designed for gaming while the other offers a daily-use task capability. The gaming board has customization features whereas the regular board offers simple jobs. These and more facts are part of my guide, fasten your seatbelts because we are entering a hot debate about gaming keyboards vs regular keyboards.

I used to have a traditional keyboard but when streaming and live gaming came into the market, someone informed me, they had launched a gaming keyboard. It was a stunning experience to know that now we will have special keyboards for gaming but I thought it is something I must test. Well, I ordered one of the best at that time and it really opened my eyes. Then, with the passage of time, I used different models and compared them with regular keyboards.

The speed was the first difference I experienced between the early gaming motherboard and the regular typing devices. Newcomers were faster than their competitors and provided a more soothing job. Evolution in technology added more features and now gaming keyboards are considered a completely different keyboard category. Let’s find out the basic features and then compare them.

What Is A Gaming Keyboard?

Maybe you have seen stylish boards with bigger keycaps. If the answer is yes, you must have seen the gaming keyboards. These boards are specially designed for playing games. But it does not mean they are useless for other activities; the gaming boards are perfect for gaming while one can perform other tasks such as programming or typing on them.

But these boards are used for enhancing performance in games. They provide bigger buttons to look attractive. Not only this, but the gaming boards also have RGB LEDs for an eye-catching appearance. Plus, you can customize the shades and colors. Furthermore, these boards also have complicated structures. The boards provide a different experience as compared to the normal keyboards and the reason is structure.

Inside A Gaming Keyboard

The gaming keyboards have a complicated PCB, the printed circuit board. It plays a significant role in connecting all keys and parts together. However, the gaming keyboard has a complicated PCB structure. Basically, its PCB connects all parts such as the key buttons and controller. The gaming keyboards have a microcontroller for interpreting input and output signals. The high-quality controller is faster than the traditional controllers and provides a quick response.

While the key switches used in gaming keyboards are rubber or membrane. They are more efficient switches as compared to the others and provide better. While the keycaps are made of plastic and PBT or Double-shot keycaps. Both of them are the best-in-line keycaps and provide superior performance.

What Is A Regular Keyboard?

I am not going deeper because we all know about regular keyboards. These boards are used for normal tasks such as typing or gaming, one can also use them for programming. In simple words, regular keyboards are suitable for all kinds of activities. There are different layouts of the regular keyboards such as the laptop, multimedia, numeric and standard layouts.

The regular keyboards have split designs and some of them also provide touchpads. Additionally, they have programmable keys and backlit keys. A few versions are wireless but it depends on the user whether you prefer the wireless or wired boards. There are various models of regular boars such as chiclet and scissor-switch typing boards.

What I Should Know About Regular Keyboards?

You should know that regular keyboards are cheaper because they have a simple design. First, their inside is easy to understand because it has a non-complicated PCB. A normal class regular keyboard has two types of keyboard keys; the chiclet and scissor-switch keys. The first one is better than the latter because it has a shorter distance between keys. As well, the chiclet provides a quick key register as compared to its competitor.

Furthermore, the earlier has rectangular and bigger keys while the latter has round-shaped caps. Anyhow, the regular keyboards are a bit noisy as both models the chiclet and scissor-switch produce noise but the chiclet is more noise resistant. However, there are simple-looking regular keyboards and also ergonomic boards. Inversely, these keyboards have simple functionality and one can fix them at home if it is causing problems.

How Are Gaming Keyboards And Regular Keyboards Different?

Gaming Keyboard Vs Regular Keyboard

It is very easy to spot differences between gaming and a regular keyboard. Gaming keyboards are used for particular activities such as playing a game. They are faster than the regular keyboard, that’s why they offer quick services. On the other hand, gaming keyboards offer a number of customizations from RGB lighting to switching the key button.

Gaming keyboards are more attractive as compared to regular keyboards. Basically, they are engineered on the bases of showoff while the regular keyboards are known for daily work. You can illuminate your room with the help of the gaming keyboard but the regular keyboard does not offer this feature.

Furthermore, the gaming keyboard has the ability to provide you with quick typing as compared to the regular keyboard. I am claiming it because the gaming keyboards have bigger and closer buttons while the regular keyboards have a bit more distant and normal size buttons.

Which Is Better; The Gaming Keyboard Vs. Regular keyboard?

You may not like my view but it is not based on subjective experience but rather dependent on the testing and experiments. It is hatred to claim which is the best because each one of them has unique features. One is perfect for gaming while the other is versatile. The gaming board provides more features but the regular board is easy to manage and consumes less energy.

I would like to present facts in front of you, so you can pick the winner. The gaming keyboard has RGB lighting but it also consumes more power and one can face a slight increase in the electricity billing. Whereas, the regular keyboard is more commonly used because of its simple design and sober looks.

Anyhow, the gaming keyboard is slightly fast but it does not mean a regular keyboard takes time to register a key. As well as you should see, the regular keyboard is versatile, it can be used for a list of activities but the gaming board will show peak performance while playing games. In the end, gaming keyboards are expensive compared to regular keyboards. After understanding these facts, I will say, one should choose according to the target activities.


It is hard to summarize all this in a phrase. I cannot prioritize one over the other because both of them are used for different purposes. Gaming keyboards are good enough but they are expensive while regular keyboards are also good but do not offer advanced features. Anyway, I have explained both of them. I hope this information helps you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a regular keyboard and a gaming keyboard?

A regular keyboard is one we use in offices and which usually comes with a PC if we order a complete system. While the gaming keyboards are specially engineered for playing games and provide better performance gaming.

Are gaming keyboards actually better?

They are better for gaming but in case you use them for typing or programming, they will provide normal performance like regular keyboards.

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