How to Unlock Cursor On Laptop?

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There are times when the cursor gets frozen on your desktop. This can be stressful and might leave you clueless initially. People who work or manage their businesses can quickly stress out in such times. I was in a similar situation a few months back and was confused about unlocking the cursor.

It might be a surprise that the solutions to unlock the cursor on your laptop screen are extremely easy. You need to press a few buttons here and there to get the job done. I have jotted down the steps for unlocking the cursor on the laptop screen below. I hope these will guide you throughout so you can return to work immediately.

How to Unlock Cursor On Laptop?

You can experience that the cursor on your laptop gets stuck on the screen. You might think there is no reason behind it, but many applications and websites can be the reason for the locked cursor on the screen. Different methods can unlock the cursor depending upon the user’s choice. Scroll down to learn how to unfreeze the cursor and start working normally on your laptop.

How to Unlock Cursor On Laptop?

Solutions To Unlock Cursor On Laptop

Reboot Your Laptop

The first and most common action most users take is to reboot the laptop. I think rebooting the laptop can be a good step that takes only a few minutes. This is better for people who do not know much or want to finish it quickly.

Function Keys

In general, whenever the cursor gets locked, the function keys are used by people to unlock it. The right combination of the function keys can help get the job in a few seconds. Sometimes, pressing the keys again and again on the keyboard can be the reason behind the cursor getting stuck on the screen.

It should be kept in mind that all the laptops have different steps that have to be performed to fix the stuck cursor. The restorative steps for fixing this problem are discussed below. They will hardly take a few minutes and get the job done easily.

● Look at your keyboard to find a key that depicts a touchpad. It can be pressed and checked if the frozen cursor starts working.

● If not found, look at the function keys at the top of the keyboard. These have the letter F and can unlock the cursor on a laptop screen. Press F5, F7, or F9 along with “Fn,” which is mentioned in the left corner.

● Hence clicking these keys along with “Fn” will get the job done easily.

Check The Settings

Sometimes, the function keys do not work, and it can stress anyone out. You need not worry because sometimes the trackpad or the cursor gets disabled from the settings. This can be fixed easily after rebooting the laptop and using the function keys. The steps can be followed to unfreeze the cursor on the laptop’s screen.

● Firstly, turn on your laptop and use the keyboard to search for “Mouse” in the search box.

● After searching, click on the “Mouse settings” and select the “Touchpad” option from the list.

● They are mentioned as “Device settings,” “ELAN,” or “Synaptics” in some laptops.

● Click any of these three options that you can see in the list to enable the cursor.

Hence you move the cursor up and down after performing these four easy steps.

How to Unlock Cursor On Mac?

The cursor on your MacBook can also get locked, but some simple steps can unlock it. Although the steps for unfreezing the cursor are different for each laptop, they are used for the same purpose. The Mac does not allow the users to unfreeze the cursor themselves. However, the in-built trackpad gets locked because of multiple reasons.

Force Quit Window

Whenever you open any window, there are chances that the cursor will get locked. The easiest way is to force quit the window so the cursor starts working like before. A Finder can be relaunched if you want to exit a window or an application causing trouble. The steps below can be followed to force shut the window or an application on your Mac.

● Use the keyboard and press the Esc button along with Command and Option keys to quit the window.

● By using the arrow keys from the keyboard, click on the application causing trouble.

● After clicking on the application, press the Enter button.

● Locate Finder and relaunch it to see where the problem is.

Hence these four steps can help you fix the frozen cursor on the screen of your MacBook.


A brief article on how to unlock the cursor on a laptop is given for your help. The steps for unlocking the cursor are discussed in detail so you can get the job done easily. The information will help you unfreeze the cursor in a snap whether you have a Mac or Windows. The process is pretty simple, so you need not stress out. Following the instruction will ensure that your cursor gets unlocked in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock my cursor lock?

To unlock your cursor, press the Windows key along with the I button to open your laptop’s settings. Use the arrow keys and select the devices and the touchpad option. Now press Tab along with the spacebar to unlock the laptop’s cursor.

Why is my laptop cursor locked?

The cursor of the laptop can get locked because of multiple reasons. Sometimes you accidentally click some keys repeatedly on the keyboard that disable the cursor. Moreover, the touchpad can get disabled from the settings, which locks the cursor. You can use function keys to unlock it on many laptops.

What to do if the cursor is not working?

The first and easiest step is to reboot your laptop if your cursor is not working. This works and saves a lot of your time. Moreover, you can check the settings or update the keyboard Drivers from the official website of the laptop.

What to press if the cursor is not working?

You can press the function keys, i.e., F5, F7, or F9, and the “Fn” button to enable the cursor. The arrow keys can be used when the touchpad is not functional.

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