Gaming Mouse VS Normal Mouse

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Are you confused about getting a gaming or normal mouse for your PC? Well, the general and quick response would be to choose a gaming mouse for a gaming PC. However, there is a lot to unfold before coming to this decision. Choosing one over the other depends on your needs as well as your pocket.

Generally speaking, a gaming mouse is more efficient than a regular mouse, but a normal mouse will work just fine if you do not need a certain level of efficiency and precision. But if you want more than just downloading and searching from your PC, you should consider investing some bucks in a mouse. So, allow me to discuss various factors that must be considered before choosing a mouse for a PC.

Sensitivity or DPI

When choosing a mouse, sensitivity is the first thing to consider. Sensitivity or dots per inch (DPI) means the capacity of a mouse to move the cursor or a pointer on the screen in response to the physical movement of a mouse. So, if a mouse has 500 DPI, the cursor will move 500 pixels in the direction of the mouse when you move it an inch.

Suppose you have a gaming PC, and the primary need for your mouse is for gaming. You will obviously need more precision and accuracy from your mouse. For this purpose, a gaming mouse has more DPI or sensitivity because gamers have to make quick movements and changes during the game, which can only be possible with a gaming mouse with a higher DPI.

A gaming mouse has built-in buttons on the side or top to change its sensitivity to suit your needs. You can increase it to a higher DIP so that the smallest movement you make on your mouse can translate into larger movements on the screen.

On the other hand, a normal mouse has lower sensitivity comparatively. It is because these mice are made for the general use of computers. For instance, browsing and simple computer navigation etc., the main point is that you do not need a higher sensitivity if you use a PC for general purposes; a DPI of 800 to 1200 will work for you.


Another important factor determining the type of mouse you should get is your budget because there is a clear difference between the cost of a gaming mouse and a normal mouse.

Generally, a gaming mouse is more expensive than a regular one. The reason behind the high cost is the additional features that it offers. A gaming mouse has options like customizing the DPI, aesthetics, and polling rate, which makes it way more expensive. You can find a decent one for around $40 to $50. However, if you expect more advanced features, mice are up to $200 in the market.

Conversely, a normal mouse will not cost you a lot. You can find some good mice ranging from $5 to $20. You should choose your mouse according to your budget. A regular one is your best option if you cannot afford a gaming mouse.

Polling Rate

The polling rate is measured in Hz, determining the rate at which your computer will receive information from the mouse. Generally, if the polling rate is higher, the mouse will send the data more often and vice versa.

Typically, gaming mice have a higher polling rate. Mostly these mice come with a 500Hz polling rate, but you can find ones up to 1000Hz. However, this difference is not detectable most of the time. Some expensive high-end gaming mice have up to 8000Hz polling rate. The higher polling rate helps with the precise movement of the cursor.

Alternatively, a regular mouse with a 125HZ polling rate should be enough if you use your PC for only general purposes. You will not even detect the input lag. Therefore, make your choice based on your requirements.

Mouse Buttons or Keys

Every mouse comes with some keys for quick and direct commands. The normal mouse has only three clickers on the left. Right and scroll. These commands are fixed in these buttons, and you cannot change them. In contrast, a gaming mouse comes with more than three buttons. In addition to these three buttons, it has DPI buttons, a forward/backward button, a sniper button, and side button, etc.

A gaming mouse can have up to 10 macro keys depending on the model you get. Additionally, you can change the settings of these buttons to any other command that can help you quickly respond during a game.


If you have long sessions of PC usage daily, then you need a gaming mouse for its ergonomics. It means the design of a mouse fits your hand naturally for better grip and a low chance of wrist pain. Furthermore, almost all gaming mice are ergonomic, with better designs for natural grip and comfortable thumb rest.

Long-term mouse movements are proven to be dangerous for your hands and wrists. Therefore, there are mice available with ergonomics. A regular mouse is usually flat, but if you look harder, you may find one with ergonomics.


If you have a gaming PC with beautiful LCDs and edgy aesthetics, then a gaming mouse with RGB lighting, sleek design, and color might interest you. Moreover, some of these mice customize these lights and appealing outer colors.

Difference between Gaming Mouse and Normal Mouse

Gaming Mouse VS Normal Mouse

Gaming Mouse Normal Mouse
Can have up to 1000 DPI Can have 4000 or more DPI
It uses both lazer and optical sensors it uses only optical sensor
Has 7 or more buttons It has only 3 buttons
Customizable function of the buttons Buttons have fixed function assigned to them
Different weight modules allow changing the wait of the mouse changes in weight is not possible
Good for gaming, video editing, and graphic designing good for general purpose use


Everything considered a gaming mouse can do everything that a normal mouse can. It is more accurate and responds faster. It has more DPI and polling rates. However, the only downside is its costliness which is much more than a regular one. So, if you are on a budget and use the computer for general purposes, go for the normal mouse. Otherwise, gaming mice are a better and more efficient option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gaming mouse better than a normal mouse?

A gaming mouse usually has more accurate sensors comparatively. Moreover, it has a higher DPI, sensitivity, and polling rate and is even ergonomic. So, generally speaking, a gaming mouse is more efficient and precise than a normal mouse.

Should I get a gaming mouse for office work?

Yes, a gaming mouse is more responsive and sensitive and hence faster. Moreover, you can change the settings of the buttons and program them for tasks you do on a daily basis to save time.

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