How To Use Keyboard Without Mouse?

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Without a mouse, computer operation seems impossible to run. Luckily it’s not. You can use other alternatives given on the keyboard like mouse keys, arrow keys, numeric pad, and other shortcuts for controlling the cursor. If your computer’s USB mouse or trackpad is not responding or you are simply fed up with controlling the cursor with a mouse, then you can simply switch to the keyboard. Moving the pointer is crucial for users as without it one can struggle to work.

You have to look at which type of computer system your device supports. The use of keyboard keys to replace the function of the mouse varies on the basis of these systems. Personally, I found the keyboard keys more convenient and time-saving as compared to the mouse for controlling the pointer as I only have to focus on my keyboard and the shortcuts save the time of positioning the pointer on the targeted tab, text, or app. Here is a guide on how to use keyboard without mouse.

You can use a keyboard instead of a mouse on all types of computers whether you have a desktop computer, laptop, or Mac. The only thing that users have to make sure of is that they have the right mouse keys to perform different tasks. Computers with Windows operating systems can use the numeric keypad as a mouse. Whereas, on Mac devices, you can use the mouse keys after you have enabled them. Never tried it before? Here are the details that you need to know.

How To Use Keyboard Without Mouse?

Keyboard Shortcuts To Use Instead Of Mouse

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

  1. To copy and paste any text you first have to use the Ctrl+A shortcut to select the word and with the help of the right arrow, you can go from the start to the end. Once you have selected the required text, press Ctrl+C to copy the text selected. In order to paste the copied information, click on Ctrl+V and you are done.

  2. The Enter, Tab and arrow keys help users in opening a window or program. Press the Tab key which seems like this ↹. This will select a particular icon or file. Then you will have to use the arrow keys to get to the one that you want to open. Once you get there, press the Enter button, and the window will pop up.

  3. If you have been working on two programs or windows, simply press on Alt+ Tab ↹. This allows you to shift from one window to another.

  4. Click on Ctrl-Tab↹ in order to switch between different tabs on the same program.

  5. If you want to minimize a tab, press the windows keys that are in between the Ctrl and Alt keys along with the arrow key facing downwards.

  6. In order to close a window simply press the Ctrl key and F4 button together.

  7. On the right of the keyboard you will see two buttons, page up and page-down. These two buttons can help the users in scrolling up and down.

  8. To open the advanced settings you just have to press the Windows button and the X key.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac

  1. Switching between two programs and apps that are running at the same time is possible by pressing the Command key and the Tab ↹.

  2. In order to close an already open program just press Command + Q. The Program or window that was appearing on the screen while pressing these buttons will close.

  3. In order to open the setting on Mac, you will have to press Alt+F2. Lastly, press the Command key and L key and your settings will get open.

Mouse Keys For Windows

Enabling Mouse Keys

  1. The first thing in order to use the keyboard of your windows without a mouse is to turn on the mouse keys. This will make it easier for the users to give commands without using the trackpad or mouse.

  2. Press the windows key, this will open the start window. On the search bar at the button of the window search for the control panel.

  3. The app will appear. You will simply have to press enter and it will get opened. There are many options. On the right row, you will find the ease of access option.

  4. After clicking on the option, you will get two options. One is the ease of access center and the other is speech recognition. Select the ease of action option to proceed with the mouse key enabling process.

  5. Now you will have to select the option, to make the keyboard easier to use.

  6. A new tab having multiple options will appear. You will have too many options. Under the heading Set up the mouse key, you will have the option of turning on the mouse key. Click on it. You can make some tweaks in the mouse setting to make your new experience easier.

  7. Don’t forget to press the ok button before closing the control panel window as the settings will resume to what were before.

How Does Mouse Keys Work On Windows?

Once you have enabled the mouse keys the numeric pad will become an alternative to the mouse. The numbers present on the tab will act as replacements for arrow keys. The best thing is that these numeric keys not only enable you to move up/down or left/ right but will also allow the user to move diagonally.

Each number represents a specific direction. For left press 4, for right press 6, for moving the pinter up press 8, and for going down press 2. If you want to go up and right, then press 9, for up and left press 7, for down and right press 3, and for down and left press 1. Wondering what 5 do? It is for clicking. In order to double click you will have to press the addition + key. To drag and drop press the 0 and the . key respectively.

Mouse Keys For Mac

Enabling Mouse Keys

  1. You will first have to enable the mouse keys in the settings of your Mac device.

  2. In order to open the accessibility window, you will have to press the Option/ Alt button, command key, and F5 keys, and the window will pop up on your screen.

  3. Among the accessibility shortcuts you will find several options. Use the direction keys to get to the mouse key option under the heading of physical and motor accessibility.

  4. Click on the done tab and the changes will be saved.

How To Use Mouse Keys on Mac?

The use of mouse keys in Mac devices is similar to that of Windows. After you have enabled the mouse keys in your accessibility window, you simply have to click on these buttons. I have got you. Although I took some time in remembering which key is for which task, once I got it, things got easier. In order to move the pointer, you will have to click the numeric keys.

For moving to the right you will have to press the O button, for moving to the left press U, for going up press 8, and for going down press K. You can move diagonally by pressing other mouse keys. To go move up and left click on 7 and for going up and right press 9. In order to go down and left press J and down and left press L. For the right click press Ctrl+5. Whereas for left click press 5.


Many computer users usually struggle with using other alternatives to the mouse for navigation. Keyboards are the best replacement for a less responsive mouse. Are you too wondering how to use keyboard without mouse? You will simply have to enable the mouse key in your device with the help of making some changes in the settings. Once enabled these dedicated keys will carry the special function designated to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which key is used to move the cursor?

The mouse cursor will show the location of the mouse on the screen. You can move the cursor simply with the help of the mouse. If your mouse is not working or you just don’t have a suitable space to move it around, then you can rely on the keyboard shortcuts. Press the arrow keys given on the keyboard. The arrow pointing toward the left will move the cursor toward the left and vice versa.

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