What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

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Streaming is one of the most popular activities on the internet for Gen Z. If you are interested in live streams and use broadcasting sites like Twitch, you must know Shroud. Shroud is one of the most popular streamers around the world.

He has been an inspiration for many people. If you are one of those individuals curious to know what system he uses for streaming, the following article can help you in many ways. The following are the details about the type of mouse, keyboard, etc. Shroud uses it for his live streams on Twitch.

What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

What Mouse Does Shroud Use?

Initially, Shroud was a Counter-strike player, but later he chose broadcasting as his career. He is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch’s site because of his FPS skills and laid-back manner. Being one of the most famous streams worldwide, he uses an advanced PC for gaming and streaming.

Components Of Shroud’s Setup

Shroud uses one of the most advanced equipment for his gaming PC. The advanced gaming setup of Shroud inspires me a lot. His complete setup includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, CPU, headset, graphics card, gaming chair, motherboard, memory, case, web camera, microphone, audio mixer, VR system, and more.

The legendary streamer owns a CPU of AMD Ryzen 9 5950X combined with NVIDIA RTX 3090, with a 24 GB VRAM. Furthermore, the advanced graphic card of the streamer provides HD quality graphics even at 4K resolution.

The motherboard of Shroud’s setup is the ASUS ROG Strix X570-I, combined with HyperX Predator RGB 64GB RAM. His setup’s keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse pad all belong to Logitech, a well-known company. Other components of his system are from other well-known electronics companies.

Specifications Of Shroud’s Mouse

As I stated above, Shroud uses Logitech’s mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad. He currently uses the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse. Though all PC components are essential to enhance your streaming and gaming experience, the mouse plays a vital role in enhancing your experience.

Many pro gamers prefer using a lightweight mouse with advanced features that help them win the game. Now the question arises, what factors make Shroud’s gaming mouse differ from others? Well, I have the answer to this question.

Logitech, one of the most popular electronics companies, collaborates with professional ESports, Valorant, and Counter-strike players to manufacture premium-quality products that ensure your game wins.

Though I am not a pro at gaming, I prefer a lightweight mouse for precise and quick commands. Shroud’s gaming mouse is one of the most lightweight gaming mice on the market, with an approximate weight of around 63 gms. Apart from making it lightweight, the gaming mouse’s minimalist design provides quick and precise control during the game.

Furthermore, its wireless feature makes it more reliable than wired mice. Most gaming mouses come with wired connections, making them unreliable for many individuals. No one wants their mouse to run out in the middle of the game. Well, the wireless connection of this mouse makes it one of the best gaming mice available on the internet.

Specifications Of Shroud’s Mouse Pad

The performance of your PC’s mouse depends on the mouse pad you use. Although numerous latest mouse pads have arrived in the market with various advancements, Shroud uses the G840 XL Gaming mouse pad.

He prefers an extra-large mouse pad over new tech mouse pads for his gaming PC. The large size of this mouse pad provides him enough space to perform certain moves during the game. One of the most significant features of Shroud’s mouse pad is its premium-quality rubber base material which plays a significant role in holding it in one place. Hence, it allows you to perform different moves without slipping.

In addition to its rubber base material, this mouse pad has perfect friction on its surface, allowing the user to glide the mouse more effortlessly during the game. The ideal amount of friction allows you to feel the movement of your mouse when gliding on the mouse pad.


Shroud has always been one of my favorite streamers. He is among the most well-known Twitch Streamers around the world, and his equipment has attracted a considerable amount of people. The legendary streamer owns an advanced setup, including a monitor, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, CPU, microphone, graphics card, and more.

One of the most prominent components of this setup is his PC’s mouse. He uses a wireless gaming mouse from Logitech. The wireless connection of the equipment makes it ideal for gamers. Moreover, he uses an advanced extra-large mouse pad to perform certain moves during the game.

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