Confirmed; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 has 24GB memory, RTX 3080 gets 10GB

by Rustam Iqbal

Initially, there have been only leaked news and gossip about the discharge of the RTX 3000 series but now NVIDIA long-standing on the news of their release and its specs. the corporate just make sure about the 2 products one is RTX 3080 AND another is RTX 3090. the data was just established on the idea of sources coming from AIBs.

It consists of the merchandise codenames that were just customary. The one thing that has to be cleared is that there's no launch of the RTX 3080 Ti, likely not now that are just rumors about its release or we will say the guesses. Nvidia goes to launch RTX 3090 instead of RTX 3080 Ti. These graphic cards will have more fascinating and advanced features. they need 24 GB.

This memory is predicated on GDDR6X. The storage capacity is simply competing with this generaTION OF the TITAN RTX. If we speak about RTX 3080 memory it'll feature 10GB memory although this memory or storage capacity is far below RTX 3090. but the future incorporates a lot more to carry soon the manufacturers are visiting launch the RTX 3080 with almost 16 GB. the corporate doesn't show any release of the RTX 3080 with the 20 GB storage capacity, if it's visiting happen surely it'll be the blue basket for the audience.

The RTX 3080 incorporates a GPU mentioned as GA102-200 TBC, while RTX 3090 has a GPU mentioned as GA102-300 TBC while the third graphic card which can be released contains a GPU of GA104-300 TBC.

The RTX 3090 Cuda cores are 5248 G6X, RTX 3080 has CUDA cores 4352 TBC respectively the RTX 3070 has CUDA CORES of 2944 TBC.el NVIDIA goes to launch three-slot graphic cards which are RTX 3090.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 and 3080 Memory Specifications

RTX 3090 RTX 3080 RTX 3070
GPU GA102-300 (TBC) GA102-200 (TBC) GA104-300 (TBC)
CUDA Cores 5248 (TBC) 4352 (TBC) 2944 (TBC)
Memory 24 GB G6X 10 GB G6X (TBC)
Memory Bus 384-bit 320-bit (TBC)

The news revealed that these graphic cards are supported PCI express 4.0. Moreover, it supports HDMI 2.1. They even have a display port of 1.4a with display connectors. they are available in variant colors and also the designs are best featured. Their designs are punched with a spring system.

There is lots more extension in its specs, for example, RTX 3090 will gonna rock with a 384-bit bus and RTX 3090 goes to amaze the audience with its 320-bit bus.they are visiting hold the memory speed of about 19 Gbps.

This memory speed is about for both the graphic cards. The users have only information about the specs of RTX 3080 AND RTX 3090 BUT THE RUMORS are saying that there would be the inauguration of the RTX 3070. the corporate will showcase the 3070.

The discharge is going to occur in September. this can have some required details about the products as an example its price and its features, but once the launch is completed the entire information will again be described in a very digital event holding a special group discussion but this all is done after the announcement.

Hope so NVIDIA will maintain its standard like its previous products and will fulfill the need of the end-users.

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