Which Keyboard Switches Are Best For Gaming?

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As a computer operator, you must have heard the term keyboard switches. Apparently, all keyboard switches are the same, but they have different types in actuality. Some are ideal for typing, while others are perfect for gaming. As a new gamer, it was always difficult for me to find which type of keyboard switch was best for gaming.

Do you have the same question? Don’t worry; the article will clear your confusion and help you choose the perfect keyboard switch for gaming. Keyboard switches are either linear or tactile. Now the question is, what is the difference between them? Read the following article to find the answer to your question.

What Is A Keyboard Switch?

Before digging into the details of the keyboard switches, you must be aware of what a keyboard switch is. Keyboard switches are the mechanism under the mechanical keys of a keyboard that consist of a spring and enable you to type. A premium quality keyboard switch allows users to type faster and more effortlessly.

Keyboard switches use different materials to enhance their performance in a certain way. The most common type of keyboard switches are mechanical and rubber domes based on material. A rubber keyboard switch contains a rubber membrane that enables inserting a certain key in the system. One feature of rubber keyboard switches is that they have a squishy feel due to the presence of rubber membranes.

Then comes the most prominent and my favorite type of keyboard switch. Mechanical switches differ from rubber switches because they have switches instead of rubber membranes. These switches enable faster and more precise typing. One of the most prominent features of a mechanical keyboard switch is its short travel distance.

A mechanical switch is a more reliable and most common type of keyboard switch and has other subtypes. Now the question arises, what factors make these keyboard switches differ? Keyboard switches are different from each other based on the force one applies to push a certain key.

The following are the details regarding all three main types of keyboard switches. Linear switches are smooth, and tactile switches have small bumps with moderate noise. In contrast, clicky switches have small bumps with large noises. Therefore, they are known as clicky switches.

Linear Switches

Which Keyboard Switches Are Best For Gaming?

The first keyboard I bought had linear switches. Linear switches are my favorite keyboard switches because of their smoothness and consistency. I have used numerous keyboards with different switches, but linear switches remain my top favorite.

These switches are ideal for people who don’t prefer bumps and noises. Most people prefer linear switches over others because they are quiet, smooth, and consistent. Hence, they result in a more effortless typing experience. Furthermore, these switches are ideal for gamers to perform sudden commands more effortlessly and consistently.

Tactile Switches

My overall experience with tactile switches has been good. The only factor I don’t appreciate is its sound when pressing the key. Among many factors, one factor that plays a key role in making tactile switches different from linear switches is the small bump and a moderate sound.

Though I don’t appreciate keyboard switches with an audible click, they are ideal for people who want to make sure about the command they enter. The clicking sound of the keyboard switches ensures that you press a certain key.

If you are a beginner looking for ideal keyboard switches according to your skill level, tactile switches should be your top pick because they work best for beginners. A normal keyboard with tactile switches makes an ideal combo and provides exceptional performance.

Clicky Switches

Now comes the third and less common type of keyboard switch. The clicky switches also have small bumps, like tactile switches but produce a louder sound than tactile switches. These switches are ideal for people who type a lot. In other words, clicky switches enhance your typing experience with tactile bumps and audible clicks.

Though clicky switches can be fun, they might be unsuitable for public places because of their loud audible clicks. Besides this factor, clicky switches can be a great option for people to enhance their typing experience.

Which One Is The Best For Gaming?

Here comes the primary part about the keyboard switches. Each type of keyboard switch has specific features that improve its performance.

Linear switches are smooth, while tactile and clicky switches are bumpy. The problem here is, which one should one use for gaming? Well, the answer is linear switches. As I stated earlier, linear switches offer precise commands and are well-known for their consistency and smoothness.

Now, what does a gamer require in his gaming keyboard? A gamer prefers a keyboard switch with no bumps and sound. Linear switches win the race against tactile and clicky switches because it offers smooth and consistent commands without bumps and audible clicks. Moreover, linear switches result in high reaction speed in gaming, which improves your performance to a great extent.


The above guide contains the details of different keyboard switch types and tells which is the best for gaming. Linear switches are smooth and have no bumps. Moreover, many people prefer them over other types because they are quiet.

On the other hand, tactile and clicky switches have small bumps and audible clicks. Tactile switches are ideal for beginners, while clicky switches work best in homes and personal spaces. The actuation and consistency of linear switches make them perfect for enhancing your gaming experience.

Freuently Asked Questions

Is a clicky or tactile switch better for gaming?

Clicky and tactile switches have small bumps and audible clicks that many gamers do not prefer because it causes disturbance. Therefore, they are less suitable for gaming.

Which keyboard switch is the best?

Although there are three main types of keyboard switches with specific features, linear switches are my top favorite because they are smooth, quiet, consistent, and precise.

Which switch is best for gaming?

Linear switches are ideal for gaming because they have no bumps or audible clicks. Hence, you can enjoy your game without bumpy and clicking sounds with smooth and consistent commands.

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