Why My Mouse Is Not Working On My Laptop

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Many people claim that my mouse is not working on my laptop. Well, if your mouse is not working on the laptop too then you must continue reading this article. Your laptop mouse sometimes stops working and it is a common situation, which needs to be dealt with in order to continue working. This condition may happen due to certain conditions like hardware problems.

If you are the one who is facing a similar mouse problem then this article is surely for you. Well, in this article, I will tell you what you should do when your mouse is not working on your laptop. Read the article carefully to unlock, unfreeze or rediscover your laptop mouse in order to overcome this problem.

When your mouse is not working on a laptop then there must be many reasons behind it. Sometimes you buy a new laptop and your mouse is not working while sometimes it eventually stops working during your work. Many people have complained to laptop companies about this issue as well. The touchpad is the sensitive part of your laptop, which needs to be treated carefully.

Sometimes an error affects the functioning of your laptop mouse, which reduces its working fluency and prevents smoothness. A week before I faced a similar problem with my laptop. My mouse eventually stopped working and it was impossible for me to continue working. Well, I tried many ways to fix this problem and luckily it helped me to fix it.

Here, I will share some common reasons that lead to inappropriate mouse functioning and solutions of how to fix those problems. I hope that after reading this article all your problems related to your laptop mouse will be solved.

Common Reasons For Mouse Not Working On Laptop

Before I tell you the solutions, you better know the reasons why your mouse is not working on the laptop. Once after knowing the reason you will be able to fix the required problem in order to re-function it properly.

● Sometimes there is a problem in your laptop operating system as it may become frozen, which affects your mouse functioning,

● Secondly, there may be any problem with your laptop touchpad setting.

● Defective hardware can be another reason why your mouse is not working on a laptop.

● Outdated windows or corrupted drivers can result in reduced mouse functioning.

● At times dust may be stuck inside your system due to which your mouse stops functioning.

● Corrupted software is another main reason why your laptop mouse is not working.

Solutions To Fix Laptop Mouse Issues

Why My Mouse Is Not Working On My Laptop

Well, there are certain ways through which you can fix your laptop mouse problems. To solve this problem you need to continue reading the article.

● The first and most important thing to do while your mouse is not working on the laptop is to restart your laptop. Restarting the system sometimes fixes all the problems that the user is facing.

● Sometimes your system is frozen, which stops functioning so restarting will fix this problem for sure.

● Another thing that you can do to solve this mouse issue is to check the dirt. You can use the oil to clear the dust by using your finger. Also, you can use compressed air, distilled water, and a microfiber cloth to clean all the dirt.

● You can also fix this issue by checking your wireless connections. If there is a mouse button on your laptop then you should double-click it to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you have a

● USB wireless mouse then you should disconnect it first and then connect it again to make it function again.

● Another step that you can do is to disconnect your Bluetooth devices that are paired with your laptop, which causes a problem with your mouse working.

● Sometimes your touchpad is not enabled so you need to activate it in order to make it function.

● Update your drivers too in order to overcome this issue. Software update improves your laptop functioning.


Well, coming to an end and I am sure that now you have got an idea of how to fix your laptop mouse problems. There are some reasons and you need to identify the reasons in order to fix the problem. This article has surely solved your question of why my weird mouse is not working on my laptop.

You can fix this problem easily by updating your laptop software, restarting your laptop system, updating Windows, or cleaning all the dust. The best thing is that these solutions will not reduce the laptop productivity and you will be able to overcome all the problems related to your laptop mouse too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a laptop mouse to fail?

Well, there are certain issues that lead laptop mice to fail. The most common problem is the connectivity issue. Also, software updates can fix all mouse connectivity problems.

How do I fix my mouse cursor not moving?

When you find that your mouse cursor is not moving then you should check your wireless mice.

How do I enable my mouse on my laptop?

In order to enable your mouse on your laptop then you should go to the setting, and select the start button, after that you have to select the settings, find the ease of access and then hit that option to enable the laptop.

How to reset a mouse?

If your mouse is not functioning properly then you should unplug the mouse then hold the mouse button and fix it again in the laptop. Doing this will somehow reset your mouse’s functioning.

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